North American Platform against Wind

Thank you for supporting NA-PAW —

In the first week of our private invitation, we already have 19 signatories!

One group expressed regret that it was not called something like North
American Platform for /Responsible/ Windpower, believing that would be
more productive for engaging in dialogue. That is a reasonable approach
in many situations, especially in local battles.

It is why NA-PAW is coupled with the petition for a 2-km setback from
homes to protect the health and amenity of neighbors.

But it assumes there is such a thing as “responsible windpower” that can
be the norm on a large scale, when in fact the industry fights every
measure of responsible regulation and derides voices of concern as
“Nimby” and mentally unbalanced. As uncomfortable as it is for some to
just say “no”, that is exactly what we have to say if we hope to stop
irresponsible windpower and demand a reality check and proper oversight.

Finally, though, NA-PAW is an offshoot or echo of EPAW, the European
Platform Against Windpower — which more than 330 groups from 18
countries have signed onto. So the name was already determined.

That aside, thank you again for helping to get NA-PAW started. Please
pass on to other groups and businesses and blogs the suggestion to add
their names to the list of signatories.

Eric Rosenbloom
for NA-PAW


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