Wind Concerns

For a list of concerns this document Wind Concerns Ontario is a summary of the often misleading information, CanWEA and the wind developers like to claim.
The Government of Ontario has directed municipal governments to permit industrial wind turbine installation that minimize impact on agricultural operations. There needs to be a full environmental assessment and independent scientific studies that address the viability of industrial wind power, the adverse affects on peoples’ health, quality of life and investment in their properties as well as the impact of construction on wildlife and the environment.

It’s important for provincial and local governments to halt potential projects until they are analyzed and all concerns are addressed before construction and operation of wind turbines permanently changes the lives of Ontarians.


5 responses to “Wind Concerns

  1. I completely agree with this statement. When the truth about the harm from turbines is finaly recognized by the very government intent on pushing them forward, the people who are already forced to live near industrial wind turbines should and will be compensated for their loss and suffering. I’m not sure how anyone can properly compensate for someone forced from their home of 30 years by turbines but it needs to be addressed. Even better would be to avoid the stupidity that creates the problem to begin with.
    Lorrie Gillis

  2. Resident in Mourning

    I returned from a winter away to find the former Colchester South township now littered with dozens of incredibly huge, menacing, wind turbines. I can’t begin to describe the degree of anger, sadness, sense of betrayal and dislocation I feel. The beautiful serene countryside I have known for over 50 years has been destroyed. Gone. And for what? To satisfy urban Ontario’s insatiable greed for more power at our expense. To satisfy the profit motive of corporations who couldn’t care less who they trample on to achieve that bottom line objective.
    There’s a population of thousands of people who chose to live here because of the magnificent nature, but their choice was taken away by governments who have no interest in their rights, their welfare. All that mattered was money. And now they want to defile the Lake with this madness. Surely there must be a place where wind turbines can be set up without destroying Lake Erie and without stripping people of their right to live a peaceful country existence.
    The destruction wrought by the wind turbines is massive and will be ongoing.

  3. Turbines are slated to start in June. If you experience problems, please make sure you contact the MOE and file a formal complaint. Despite MOE issuing certificates of approval based on noise, they unfortunately do not have the scientific methodology to assess for noise to determine if it is out of compliance. Please check out this website for possible help on this

    I agree about the destruction

  4. Wind is a clean source of renewable energy that produces no air or water pollution. And since the wind is free, operational costs are nearly zero once a turbine is erected. Mass production and technology advances are making turbines cheaper, and many governments offer tax incentives to spur wind-energy development.

  5. ruralgrubby

    Oils or other fossil fuels are free as well until you go to extract them. The same applies to wind. It may be free but it is certainly not free when it comes to transferring that energy into useable power. As for the advances in making turbines cheaper, this has nothing to do with the rates consumers are paying for this inefficient, unreliable, intermittent sources of electrical generation, which BTW requires fossil fuel back-up in order to take a place at the big boy table. As for gov’t offering tax incentives, this is crux of the problem with using renewables like wind. Where do suppose these tax incentives are obtained? (in case you can’t figure this out yours and my (taxpayer/ratepayer) pockets) You obliviously do not realize that there has never been full cost benefit and scientific assessment of wind energy that substantiates this kind of support from gov’t, therefore indicating that wind is free or that operational costs are nearly zero completely shows your disconnect on how electricity is generated, transmitted and used. Have a look here on how that so called free wind energy is translating into real time costs to consumers

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