This website exist because of the difficulties in dealing with wind development.  I’ve had the president of AIM Powergen (now IPC/GDFSuez) Mike Crawley,  sit across from me at my dining room table tell me that dealing with a turbine collapse is like dealing with a tree falling or power line falling.   I’m not sure how you equate a tree to a  tower 120 metres high weighing approx. 67  tonnes.  What guarantees do I have Mike that your company has the money or insurance to cover this kind of incident.

You can contact me by leaving a comment on any one of my postings.    If you are looking for more information have a look at my blog roll and links.

Think about getting involved and start asking questions from your local councils and politicians.  We are allowing these politicians to get away with costly spending for very little return to the taxpayer, economy, environment or our society as a whole.   I hope you can find the time to send a letter or two to your politicians asking to stop the destruction from Industrial Wind turbines.


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  1. David Robinson

    Municipal Councils and Alternative energy

    Ontario municipalities are faced with new demands for land and resources to be provided for Renewable Energy or Alternative Energy projects. These are usually Industrial Wind Turbines installations or Solar Panel installations. These projects tend to create divisions in the communities for a variety of reasons. Some people fear with good reason for their medical well being because of close proximity of the turbines to their dwellings. Others embrace the idea as it means a source of constant income, unlike their farming income – not to mention sometimes healthy down payments or option payments. Invariably there are significant resource and cash outlays by municipalities and sometimes these outlays are not easily or apparently recoverable.

    The Green Energy Act (GEA) has significantly curtailed the right of local government to regulate these new installations. Or has it…? The energy companies are required to have community meetings and pass through an approval process at the Ministry of the Environment. These meetings alone could provide a source of revenue to the municipalities and offer an opportunity to wrest back some control of the planning process. The wind companies have taken to invoking the participation of the Ontario Provincial Police – a taxpayer funded body – and to also hiring security companies to “vet” attendees of the meetings. Municipalities are missing the opportunity to pass local laws regulating the conduct and security issues surrounding these meetings and they are missing the opportunity to charge for these services.

    For example: I think it is time for municipalities to institute a fee for public meetings that are specifically about Alternative Energy. A fee of say $50,000 per meeting sounds about right. After all the wind companies have shown themselves how onerous and dangerous it can be to conduct these meetings. For discussion of this point see the article on Wind Concerns Ontario regarding the treatment of a couple at a meeting regarding the Big Thunder Wind Park.

    Further, a security clearance for all alternative energy presenters should be mandatory along with a criminal background check to be carried out by the local police force — not by the OPP. The criminal background checks and security checks should be presented to council well in advance of any public meeting. You can’t be too careful about your investments these days. Protection from scam artists is of paramount concern in any investment and you can be sure the Alternative Energy companies are investigating you to make sure that you, the individual on council will be a safe and reliable partner. You should do no less

    Also, are the local governments doing due diligence on the wind companies that wish to construct wind turbines and solar farms? I would think that financial statements and an up-front investigation fee should just be part of the process. The energy companies are asking for the local community to make a financial investment in them. Where is your due diligence? Why are you not asking these companies to provide a locally incorporated company with a local public office where all matters can be directed whether it be lawsuits or local payments collected. This is quite a common device used by state governments in the United States so that is easier to contact, negotiate with or sue multinational firms.

    As far as actually proving service to the alternative energy industry it seems to me that a fee for engineering and design services as well as alterations to local emergency services should start with an up-front fee of $250,000 for initial planning and service coordination. Road permits, fire control permits and “Green Fees” for assessment of municipal environmental impact should also be considered as lucrative sources of income. Further companies should be required to post bonds or provide proof of insurance (provided by a Canadian Carrier) against lawsuits, property devaluation, medical problems and law suits and so on. We need to concern ourselves that the Industrial Wind Turbines will be maintained in proper and safe working order. We also need to concern ourselves with decommissioning of the structures when their service life is at an end. To some readers, these fees may appear to be arbitrarily high and punitive, but, I assure you that engineering and financial expertise does not come cheap. Investigating the claims, reviewing the setbacks and consulting with people who could potentially be harmed or inconvenienced by these installations does not come cheap. Further, we know that many environmental organizations and agencies have “bought in” to the concept of green energy and do not do any significant investigation as to possible harmful environmental effects on flora and fauna.

    A further issue of course is noise and noise abatement. Frankly the provincial government has not done a proper job. They have done nothing significant to measure noise levels. The Ministry of Health has only reviewed old graduate student developed or literature survey studies. The Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has not even developed rigorous measurement doctrine for conducting noise tests. This failure to act has been well documented by Wind Concerns Volunteers and similar organizations like Wind Action Ontario. You could well be responsible for conducting these tests in the face of provincial inaction. Are you prepared to bear the burden of the costs or face the liability of inaction? Have you purchased insurance or required bonds to hold council harmless against any actions that might be brought? This costs money and the source of any required funds is obvious. Fees charged will eventually come from the very taxpayers that you should protect – so include a levy to insure that you can be protected, or so that you can commission the required testing.

    Let your imagination run wild local councils! Review your building permit fees. Review your road usage fees. Review all your fee structures and liability issues.

    Review your security fees for public meetings. Ensure that only the local police force is empowered to provide security for local meetings – after all they know the locals best. Besides it too is another obvious source of income.

    The opportunity to redirect provincially collected funds to the local councils is virtually unlimited. The only limit is your imagination.

    Set rates for Solar and Wind environmental fees depending on habitat destruction! Ensure that all of these fees are collected in advance. Use the money to expand your parks and nature reserves.

    Now, let’s not kid ourselves; altruism is only part of the picture. There is real money to be made from the Green Energy subsidies. Why should all the money go offshore? Upgrade your infrastructure by redirecting the wind company profits to your local till.

    These ideas are just a way of redirecting provincially collected taxpayer fees to local coffers – it is fair game. That money is taxpayer money being paid to wind companies that are financed by large international banks, merchant banks, investment houses and insurance companies. Feel no guilt about attaching profits from these institutions – they are in business for one reason only – to make a profit. You should have no compunctions about reducing that profit and “taxing” windfall profits.

    As a closing issue let me remind you that this should do more than make money. It should get all the development issues on the table. It will put the program under a scrutiny that I do not believe it can bear. It should kill the diseased goose laying the leaden eggs. Last, but not least, it should be the beginning of the end for a political party that did not investigate before it leaped into action.

    It’s time to quit rolling over. It is now time to use your imagination.

    Pass this information to your local councils. Even if they are pro-wind and pro-solar surely they can see the opportunity for revenue enhancement! If we cannot stop these developments the profits should go the local population. That was the original intent of the Green Movement and the Green Energy Act. It’s time to return to the roots of the movement. Power (and money) to the people.

    Do you have any suggestions for additional items? Please post them on Wind Concerns. I will be happy to update this document with fresh ideas!

    David Robinson, B.Sc.

  2. Thanks David for providing such creative ideas regarding wind development for municipalities. You are right that municipalities have missed the boat (especially mine) in getting the most out of these developers if we must put up with this behemoths. I personally would like to see the darn things gone from the face of the earth, since I cannot see any value in them other than large developers and a handful of farmers making money in the short term. Not many however are looking beyond the end of their nose. For example, What will happen when the turbines are abandonned if the government payouts stop? Just with a decrease in rate for solar supposedly stopped hundreds of contracts for solar panels installed on farms. Luckily farmers managed to get this rate pushed back up to make their projects viable yet they can’t even understand that rates of return are based on 6 hours a day sunlight. In a northern country like Canada, we should only rely on 2 hours a day. Rural municipalities are generally are not ingratiated with council members having good business acumen, as well many just don’t want to do the foot work to investigate fully what this all means in the long term, so instead move forward simply based on what appears to be the favoured vote. Wind Energy development unfortunately still is viewed by many as a Cinderella story for their community.

  3. These are great ideas!!

    Charge the wind farm corpos for installations.
    This is what the Malayasians did to international banks — made them deposit an equal amount of cash in the government bank in case they wanted to run out of the country after creating a bubble and thereby forcing foreclosures on the country’s assets.

  4. I’m trying to calculate the percentage of industrial wind turbines in Liberal ridings. Can you tell me if any of the Essex turbines are in the riding of Windsor-Tecumseh?

  5. There are no turbines in Windsor-Tecumseh(city). Only in the riding of Essex (i.e. the county)

  6. The official website of Wind Concerns Ontario has been changed to http://www.windconcernsontario.net

    Please change the link on your group website as it is now being redirected to the wrong website.

    You may also follow us on Twitter at windconcernsONT

    All the best for a successful New Year


    THIS IS A SOLUTION FOR THE PROBLEM on the NOISE and thousands of BIRDS AND BATS THAT ARE KILLED by the speedy-type wind turbines that OCCUPY WIDE LANDSCAPES.
    This wind power plant has ZERO-NOISE from the gears and the generators because they are sealed underground (Only the outer parts of the turbines may be heard.).
    This wind power plant SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS because the wind turbines are slow-moving since the speed is in the transmission gears and in the generators.
    This wind power plant DOES NOT NEED TO OCCUPY A WIDE LANDSCAPE in order to produce a particular related great amount of electricity because the height can be increased like the very tall buildings.
    This wind power plant MAY BE LOWER-COST because it may use timber and other cheaper things like the parts that may be similar to the parts of the lower-cost trucks, machines, construction materials, and others; and it may also use recycled materials.
    This wind power plant ELUDES HURRICANE FORCE since the V-type folding blades automatically close through hydraulics and computers when there is excessive wind force and automatically open when the wind becomes weak.
    This wind power plant is FREE FROM FIRE because it has an efficient cooling system and efficient prevention of exessive force.
    This wind power plant HELPS THE WIND-ENERGY COMPANIES because it is FREE FOR ALL. The energy companies are free to start using this wind power plant that uses a gigantic slow-moving wind turbine.

  8. Great webpage RuralGrubby! I’ve never seen it before but interesting stuff. Good to see someone else fighting wind farms! You might be interested in this new video:

    WIND ENERGY: Chalk it up as a loss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxmltKaTroY

  9. Thanks Ben, Your youtube video is bang on! Thanks for visiting the site. I haven’t been very active lately mostly because other websites are doing an excellent job posting the latest news about wind energy and despite my efforts I have lost my local fight and now living with 24 1.65MW Vestas turbine. It’s not fun and it has truly taken away from the enjoyment of my home.

  10. Ron & Carol Lamb

    Thanks so much for supporting the fight to keep Leamington an unwilling host. We noticed your letter on the town’s council adjenda for July 13,2015.
    We are experiencing unexplained ear pressure & severe tinnitus since shortly after several turbines went up in Lakeshore, across the road from our farm. We have been told by Hydro1 that we may have excess power from the turbines following ground water & surrounding our home. After their efforts to replace & upgrade all the grounds entering from our utility pole at the road failed to retify our problems, their solution to that is, keep quiet & put up the For Sale sign. That’s what others are doing !
    Being bullheaded farmers we haven’t done that yet, but continued health problems may force the issue in the future.
    Continued calls and email to Gov’t agencies are not returned.
    We greatly appreciate all the hard work you have done to promote awareness of such situations. You have our continued support !!

  11. ruralgrubby

    Thanks for your kind and appreciative words but it appears that you are the ones that need support. Your suffering is unacceptable and I am dismayed at what I can do to help. Have you visited your doctor and let them know what is going on? Can you press your doctor to look into this issue. All I can suggest is keep good records of what is happening? If you have the courage to do so, provide this info. to your local councillors to our MPP Taras Natyshak (tnatyshak-co@ndp.on.ca)

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