Ontario Health Survey


Health survey (Ontario, Canada)

Posted July 21st, 2009 in -Home.

 Wind Concerns Ontario, a coalition of grass-root, citizen organizations, has been doing the job of Health Canada.  (Mr. Prime Minister, are you reading this?)  WCO has been conducting a self-reporting survey, asking people living near industrial wind turbines how (or if) their health has been impacted.  

Click here for the latest results.   

The following is taken from the WCO website.


  • This is a community-based survey; members of the community were encouraged to respond to a contact flyer. It’s a self-reporting survey, which is a valid [research protocol].
  • This survey reproduces the work of U.K. physician, Dr. Amanda Harry (2007).
  • There were no restrictions placed on distribution or access to the survey. As a result, hard copy and electronic copies were sent on request. Standard protocal was used to protect confidentiality and data integrity.
  • Victims are self-reporting.  This follows the principle of Health Canada’s Canada Vigilance.
  • Distribution started the end of March, 2009 and within 6 weeks, 76 responses were received with 53 reporting adverse health effects.  
  • A cover page was sent with the surveys giving instructions and identifying exclusions:
    • If more than 1 adult in the home is affected please have each adult fill out a separate questionnaire.
    • This questionnaire may be filled out by a person  18 years of age or older who is fluent in English. 
    • This questionnaire will NOT be used by anyone with any cognitive impairment.
  • Some requested surveys online and there were no restrictions regarding distribution. 
  • Surveys were returned to designated address.
  • There are 585 operating turbines across Ontario.  The wind turbine complexes implicated include:
    • Melancthon Phase 1 and 2, Canadian Hydro Wind Developers,  Shelburne,
    • Kingsbridge 1 Wind Power, Goderich,
    • Kruger Energy, Port Alma, 
    • Ripley Wind Power, Ripley,
    • Enbridge Ontario Wind Farm, Kincardine,
    • Erie Shores Wind Farm, Port Burwell.
  • The reports of symptoms are consistent with the work of Dr. Amanda Harry, U.K., Dr. Nina Pierpont, U.S.A. and Dr. Michael Nissenbaum, U.S.A.
  • Reports of health problems are still coming in. The survey will be ongoing and results will be updated periodically.


2 responses to “Ontario Health Survey

  1. What one should realize in reading this info. That every area in Ontario which is hosting IWT’s is also now experiencing adverse health effects except for Sault Ste Marie. (a project not characterized by a large number of residents and whose project is located far from the city on top of the Canadian Shield)

  2. Please note that this survey will be ending by the middle of Feb. 2011. If any of you out there have a copy. Please send in ASAP.

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