Can we trust our councilors??

Editor’s note:
I had the misguided idea that by corresponding with someone like Mr. Fuhr who is a councilor in South Perth Ontario, would help him see that his support of Industrial Wind Development is in fact hurting the residents he is elected to protect.  This is the kind of person who is setting policy for his municipality.   A very scary  thought and a bad move on my part.   I have since found  out Mr. Fuhr has his own wind developing company and South Perth township which has approved 3 wind development projects without much trouble. 
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A message from Mr Fuhr to WCO website:

I am absolutely shocked to read so many comments here that are, quite frankly, totally irresponsible. Its hard to imagine how many people suffer from NIMBY in this province. Also difficult to believe that so many are in denial still regarding climate change. I have an idea, lets go with safe nuclear power, its not like we are leaving any problems with future generations like byproducts that we can’t dispose of. And, lets build more of these plants in the backyards of those people who would not like to have wind generators. We could give them the option of a coal fired generator in their backyard if they don’t like the nuclear one. Is this a fairer solution to you power wasters out there?? Sincerely, Councillor Roger Fuhr, Township of Perth South,

My response to Mr. Fuhr

Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 12:17 PM
Dear Mr. Fuhr
To offer the alternative of a coal or nuclear generation in my backyard is clearly not an option our provincial gov’t is imposing on myself and my neighbours having to face Industrial Wind Development.  What is being forced upon us,  is  plain and simply several  400 ft structures that are causing Vibroacoustic disease among residents living within 2 km of these behemoths. Have a look at Ripley, Goderich, Shelburne and now Melancthon.   In addition because there is no good regulation that can help municipalities site these fans on a stick properly,  wind developers are getting away with undersized transmission design which are leading stray voltage and dirty electricity into people’s homes.  The symptoms are described as living in a microwave.   I can see from your sarcasm you would boil that down to the NIMBY syndrome without so much as an effort to investigate for yourself. I’ve been to visit these people and it’s nothing short of a train wreck.   
If the health issues are not enough for you,  how about sinking taxpayers dollars into an unreliable, non dispatchable, inefficient, minuscule amount of energy all to the tune of 2.5 x the going electricity rates.   In turn,  there will be not one fossil fuel generating plant closed nor will we gain  on the GHG emissions.  Looks like  your wish for us NIMBY’s to face a coal generating plant might happen anyway just like Germany is presently doing with 26 new coal generating plants despite having the largest penetration of wind energy. 
We all want to do good things for our world, our families our communities our environment.  At first glance wind seems to fit in with these good intentions.  But now is the time to stop with the ideology and put good hard numbers and investigate this before it goes too far and hurts exactly what we are all trying our darndest to protect.  
I beg of you Mr. Fuhr, stop accusing us of being NIMBY’s.  We are all deeply concerned citizens that are facing the challenge of a lifetime as well as a very real threat.
 Mr Fuhr’s responses are below,  mine are in red.  

—– Original Message —–

From: roger fuhr

Dear Ms. McLean:  I sincerely apologize for any offense taken by you for my comments. And yet you continue through  this message to further expound hugely offensive and ill informed statements.  There certainly was no intent there to do so.  I beg to differ on this one.  While I do not consider myself to be an expert in the field, your comment regarding lack of effort to investigate is absolutely not true. My condemnation here is meant for politicians such as yourself who have the responsibility and the power to protect the residents of their municipality or county,  to find out from other areas in Ontario what is going on now with wind development.  We are going into our 4th year of wind,  and for some reason even local politicians are not investigating and are actually ignoring their residents who are suffering.    I have been educating myself for almost 5 years now regarding such issues. I, for one, view the installations at Shelburne and etc. as beautiful projects indicating our desire to become responsible users of power. This is the problem,  wind turbines are only a symbol of our desires, not a real solution  
Vibrocaustic disease is, in my opinion, not a proven fact, and because of your power to make this decision, based on exactly what kind of epidemiological experience?  low frequency noise generated by wind turbines (all it takes is a dBC scale reading to determine) affects people. That is a proven fact (check the World Health Organization site ) whether you want to call it VAD or Wind Turbine Syndrome.  Until  we have a full epidemiological study no one will ever know the true extent of this issue.
  and even if it was, it pales in comparison to the effects of nuclear accidents.   I’m sure you have viewed the effects of the meltdown of the reactor at Chernobyl.  When was the last time you heard of such a incident in Ontario after 50 years of Nuclear.  Which medical issues do you view as being worse?   The choice is not between wind or nuclear, because wind will never be able to replace nuclear.   Besides I thought wind was meant to replace fossil fuels?? in order to decrease GHG emissions.  Nuclear as you know does not contribute to GHG.  I do not know of anyone who would want a nuclear reactor in their back yard.    And, I view the issue of leaving nuclear waste behind for future generations to deal with as absolutely irresponsible in every way, shape and form.  How long do you think it will be before these wastes poison our water, land, and whatever other resources that we do not own, but simply borrow from our children, would you like some of this heavy water in your well?  Again how is wind going to address this issue in any significant way?   Living near hydro lines of any type has been an issue for years, I’m sure you know that homes are not allowed to be built close to such transmission lines. and yet throughout the county I see houses within less than 500 m.   Why do you think that is, perhaps because wind generators cause this?  No, it is because electricity in the forms we produce it and move it, is not a natural occurrence which is yet another example of how man abuses nature.  Are you suggesting we stop generating electricity??  You are not understanding my comment,  because of wind installations,  the issue of stray voltage and dirty electricity has become more of an issue. These installations are undersized and poorly designed and because wind developers need to hand over the transmission to Ontario Hydro (since they are  responsible now for the maintenance of this transmission system),  wind developers (the generating company) can walk away blaming the transmission problems on Ontario Hydro.  
Do you have a microwave oven in your home? Yes Do you use it or ever eat food cooked in a microwave? Yes Do you believe that such food is safe for human consumption? Yes If yes to any of these, then you are already near to, and consuming microwaved foods.  Are you prepared to ban microwave ovens from society? No,  I  don’t object to using a microwave but I  have issues to living in one.  Your line of questions I find completely patronizing and irrelevant to the issues raised.
Wind developers are hooking their equipment into one of the most antiquated transmission systems in the developed world, and so are generating devices of all kinds, such as coal, nuclear, hydro and etc.  It is the fault of our provincial government that our transmission system has been allowed to be outdated, despite the billions of dollars that have been poured into the grid over the decades.   Some of this investment has been absolutely wasted on such things as drastic cost overruns (based on  concerns from citizens who oppose Nuclear, which pushed the gov’t to stop and start these projects over and over again)  I thought you were talking about the transmission system not the building of generating plants??? to build nuclear plants and also millions of dollars to get rid of executives within hydro one and related firms.  Are you pleased to be paying a debt retirement fee on your power bill? So are you saying that if I agree to wind development this will all go away?   Do you believe that any business should be allowed to make such charges to their customers?  The behemoths known as Hydro One, OPA, OPG and whatever other derivatives the provincial government can come up with, are totally dysfunctional organizations in every sense of the word.  Again if I say yes to wind development,  will the dysfunction go away?  Mr. Fuhr,  you are simply getting side tracked by a very convoluted argument and problem.  I never said we didn’t have problems with our energy industry in Ontario but I just can’t see how wind is going to solve any of what you mention,  In fact,  I can see wind is only going to complicate things as well as increase the cost to us as consumers.  My latest hydro bill just announced that the recent increases where due, in part,  conservation measures and renewable projects.
Regarding electricity rates, I surely hope you understand that our power bills have been being subsidized by taxpayers for decades now.  Do you believe that the cost to produce electricity is 5.3 cents per killowatt hour?  If you do, try dividing your entire power bill by the number of kilowatt hours that you have purchased, this should be an indication for you of how they hide the actual cost of power. I also know that Darlington and Pickering are being paid 3 cents per KW and they manage to pay all of their expenses, (including thousands of employees) and still maintain a profit.  Again,  if I say yes to wind development will my electrical bill go down? or am I at least guaranteed that it will not go up because of wind development?   I believe the actual cost of electricity should be paid up front, and that this actual cost of production is most certainly in excess of 15 cents per kilowatt hour.  Seems to me you were just saying we were paying the actual cost, but it’s actually hidden in other charges.   Nuclear production of power easily exceeds that cost.  Even solar power, one of the cleanest ways to produce electricity, has been granted a 42 cent per kilowatt hour rate by the Ontario government.  All because of solar’s cost of production will not allow even the 15 cents to be profitable.  Surely you must be able to deduce that 5.3 cents a kilowatt hour in no way, shape or form, accurately represents the cost of production.   Therefore is it all right to continue to subsidize an industry for 20 years in order to maintain it’s profitability and in turn provide minuscule amounts of energy??? 
I have to admit, that I am unaware of any such new coal fired plants being built in Germany and I would ask you to provide me with proof of such, I simply find this difficult to believe.  I believe Muzzco Inc. sent you the references.  Is there a reputable website that you can refer me to so that I might research this myself please? I know that Germany is a world leader in renewable energy, a model that we should be using in my opinion, so I will need to be convinced that this is actually true. If it is, I will surely want to research the reasons why they are doing this, have you done so? The wind developers tell us that it is because Germany wants to make money selling electricity.  In the case of Alberta,  a new gas generated plant was introduced last year  specifically because of the large influx of wind they allowed onto their grid.
In closing Ms. McLean, I want you to know that my comments here are not directed at you or any specific group.  Did you not direct your response to Wind Concerns Ontario,  a group of 26 affiliates all across Ontario of concerned citizens, who are fighting for their lives with not so much as any kind of financial support other than out of pocket expenses for flyers, Internet services travel etc.  Rather, this is entirely directed at the Provincial Government.  Than I would suggest you direct your letter to Minister George Smitherman and Dalton McGuinty and not me or to Wind Concerns Ontario.    Successive governments have been irresponsible in matters of power production, transmission and management thereof.  It is time for us to stop downloading our problems onto future generations, it sickens me to think that we cannot as a society, be responsible for our own power needs without leaving a legacy of pollution, debt and perhaps total environmental disasters.  I beg not only you, but all members of the human race to start being responsible for the power that you use, or to stop using power. Does this mean you want to shut down hospitals,  nursing homes,  manufacturing where people earn their living?  Can you explain to me how I am suppose to stiop using power??  Stop wasting it, conserve, educate yourself, commit acts of green.  But above all, please stop the propaganda machine that I believe the wind concerns website represents.  Contact a scientist to get their opinion instead.  I would suggest the same to you Mr Fuhr. Our groups has among us scientist, engineers, doctors and lawyers,  all expressing the same concerns about wind development.  We are not against initiatives that help improve wise use of energy, reduction of GHG emissions, or renewable energy sources.  We are seeking from people like yourself,  who have the power to make the decisions with regards to policy,  to make these decisions based on good science,  not ideology. 
Councilor Roger Fuhr
Township of Perth South,,,, and concerned citizen regarding the future of our children, grandchildren and subsequent generations
My response from Mr. Fuhr.


Simply wow, it is an extremely rare occurence to find a group of such narrow-minded, uninformed people as this.  After all the emails I have received in return, not in even ONE of them is a solution suggested other than, “I love nuclear and all of its poisons and risks”.  You people remind me of that group of individuals who ran around in, if memory serves, about the 17th – 18th century destroying machines of all types that people had built because they thought it would cost them their jobs if these machines were allowed to survive.  I am simply floored. I can see that there is no way to discuss this logically with any of you.  I do have a solution for you though, but guess what, you won’t like it. Hmmmm isn’t that odd,, offering solutions, what a concept huh?  SELL YOUR PROPERTIES, GET OUT OF DODGE, LIVE SOMEWHERE WHERE THERE IS NO WIND, hence no possibility of wind generators. Maybe right beside one of those cozy nuclear cancer causing generators that you all love so much. Shocked, (l’il pun there),,,,, You have certainly assisted me in my determination to spread the truth on this subject,, Thank you,,,,



One response to “Can we trust our councilors??

  1. Melodie Burkett

    This Mr. Fhur has demonstrated that he is a complete horses apologies to the horse! He suggests selling our homes that can not be sold! It is hard to believe that in this day and age such simple minds can not only exist but become councilors!!! Well, let us hope his Hail to the Fuhr does not spread. Obviously this Nazi mentality has not done any research or he would know about Germany’s new coal plants and he would reason by the facts that no amount of wind turbines can replace nuclear power. People with his attitude scare me… he is a neanderthal. Not to worry though, most intelligent people can see how backward he is by his ill written and illogical response.
    NIMBY means…Next It Might Be You!

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