Stray Voltage

This is my summary of the presentation below by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University.  Please take note of her conclusions and ask for permission to copy or post this presentation.


Why do residents near wind turbines get sick?

2 reasons:
Sound waves
Electromagnetic Waves

Sound waves have both audible and inaudible components.
Audible are measured in db’s
Inaudible are responsible for Vibroacoustic disease(VAD) or Wind turbine
syndrome. WTS.
VAD is the result of low frequency sounds less than 500 Hz , symptoms,
depression, irritability, aggressiveness, cognitive dysfunction, sleep
disorders, fatigue, chest pains/pressure, headaches, joint pain, nausea,
dizziness, tinnitus, stress-response.

Levels of 20-90 Hz will make your eyeball resonnate,  Head @ 20-30 Hz,
Abdomen 4-5 Hz

She then quoted problems form Cumbria, UK were people suffered from noise
from turbines and the The French National Academy of Medicine’s report which
indicated that a min. distance of 1.5 km is necessary to protect people from
functional disturbances similar to those observed in syndromes of chronic
sound trauma.
She also spoke about the symptoms that  the D’Entremont family  suffered
from noise and low frequency vibrations.  She also quoted Dr. Gordon
Whiteheads info. an audiologist who discerned that the “auditory threshold
for perception was below a level that people could not hear, but doesn’t
mean that people would not be able to perceive it.”

The next part was truly the fascinating part with regards to Electromagnetic

Dirty Electricity,  this is associated with electrical lines that does not
follow a clean wave of 60 Hz.  Dirty electricity creates peaks and erratic

Sources of Dirty Electricity,  computers, variable speed motors, television
sets, entertainment units, energy efficient lighting (compact fluorescent
light bulbs,  this was scary and would recommend anybody to get rid of these
bulbs) , dimmer switches.  When you have to introduce an inverter to a
direct current,  you will get dirty electricity.  Other causes,  arcing on
hydro wires,  loose wires, tree brances touching power lines, neighbours.

When Turbines connect to the electrical grid it follows the a series of
collection lines.  When these are not buried, dirty electricity is formed
which can than travel into your home through your neutral lines???(not sure
on this one)  This is what is happening in Ripley area.

Dirty Electricity (poor quality power)  cost us.
affects lifespan of motors and sensitive electronic equipment but can also
affect health and productivity of people, livestock.

Some people are Electro-hyper-sensitive EHS.  They exposure are generally
several orders of magnitude under the limits of internationally accepted
3% of a populace will have severe symptoms
35% of populace with have moderate symptoms
35-50% will have mild symptoms.
The rest are asymptomatic

Symptoms include:
Neurological:  headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating,
memory loss, severe reactions can inclue seizures, paralysis, psychosis, and
Cardiac:  low or high blood pressure, palpitations,
Respiratory:  sinuitis, pneumonia and asthma
Dermatological:  skin itching,rash, facial flushing
Ophthalmological:  pain or burning in the eye, pressure in behind the eye,
floaters and cataracts

She went on talking about her research in schools were filters were
introduced and in the case of 37 students with asthma,  only 3 required
their inhalers for excersise induced asthma after the filters were
installed.  Include in their questionnaires submitted to teachers in these
schools was children’s behaviour, where they found a 42% of the class
behaviour improved and as for teachers,  66% found their symptoms improved
after filters were installed.
There is also a link with dirty electricity to cancer ,diabetes and MS.  I
won’t get into details about this since it will make this message too long,
but very interesting stuff.

As for ground current or stray voltage.  critical levels for cows is 500
mV/m(60 Hz),  10 mV/m (kHz)
When the neutral line is not big enough,  the stray voltage will go through
the earth.  An Electrical service provider in Black River Falls Wis.
indicates that his company aims for neutral line capacity of 66%  in order
to return the current.  The problems with stray voltage stopped in this area
when they introduced a new line with 5 times the capacity.

She also mentioned the private member’s bill 154 “Ground Current Pollution
Act”  Maria Van Bommel  MPP (Lambton-Kent-Middlesex), which has the
objective to define objectionable current flow on ground rods, (stray
voltage) and to prohibit electricity providers from causing occurences of
objectionable current flow.   This bill was given 2 readings and at the time
of the 3rd reading, was shelved because of the new govt.
I see in the Ontario Farmer that the OEB  are proposing regulatory changes.
The changes are suppose to be implemented through an amendment to the
Distribution System Code under Ontario’s Energy Board Act and Electricity
Act.   The public is allowed to have comment until Dec. 5th and details are
available on the OEB site.

The last part dealt with Contact Current (sink to floor).  This is also
happening in Ripley.
Note that 18 micro-Amps are associated with Cancer.  they found 400
microAmps from sink to floor (22 times higher) in Ripley and in Manitoba 92
times higher.  (I’m not doing dishes in the sink anymore)

Substantial ground currents are most often found in homes having conductive
plumbing, in which an uninterrupted metallic path in the water pipes and
water main connects the grounding system of neighbouring houses.
Wertheimer, Savitz and Leeper 1995


People get sick because
1. Sound waves:  Noise (20-20000Hz)   Infrasound (low frequency <500Hz)
causes VAD and WTS
2.  Electromagnetic Waves:  called dirty electricity (found on electrical
lines),  ground currents (stray voltage)

How do we make WTG safe?   Distance of 2 km,  Design to eliminate dirty
electricity and ground currents.


2 responses to “Stray Voltage

  1. I think that the only partial solution to stray voltage from wind power windmills is to attach an on-site warning system that makes a sound when stray voltage excedes a certain threshold. The only such system seems to be the Electrified Cover Safeguard and they apparently have a patent on this technology. The technology makes a audible warning such as a beeping sound as well as a flashing light to warn people and pets not to step on or touch dangerously charged manhole covers and street lamps. Their site is at .

  2. So instead of finding out why this is occuring, you would rather take the opportunity to sell your product on line. What about the people in Ripley and Goderich who are living with constant levels of stray voltage and dirty electricity. Your warning technology would be sounding off at all hours of the day and in turn become an additional nuissance.
    I’m amazed by your logic.

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