Wind Concerns

For a list of concerns this document Wind Concerns Ontario is a summary of the often misleading information, CanWEA and the wind developers like to claim.
The Government of Ontario has directed municipal governments to permit industrial wind turbine installation that minimize impact on agricultural operations. There needs to be a full environmental assessment and independent scientific studies that address the viability of industrial wind power, the adverse affects on peoples’ health, quality of life and investment in their properties as well as the impact of construction on wildlife and the environment.

It’s important for provincial and local governments to halt potential projects until they are analyzed and all concerns are addressed before construction and operation of wind turbines permanently changes the lives of Ontarians.

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer The company that brought a four-turbine wind farm to Port Ryerse last year got an earful about noise levels at a community meeting this week. Boralex officials were on the hot seat Wednesday as 40 people from … Continue reading →

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*** Former union bully boy and billionaire wannabe, Labor opposition leader, Bill Shorten is all over the shop on energy policy. Terrified witless of the lunatic left and the Greens who, like the tail that wags the dog, have driven the Australian Labor Party into a suicidal push for a 50% RET, Shorten has taken […]

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*** While the power pricing and supply calamity that is South Australia is down to the subsidies awarded to wind power under the Federal government’s Large-Scale RET, the state Labor government has done plenty to create the unfolding disaster and nothing to mitigate it. It’s vapid Premier, Jay Weatherill must know that, as a wind […]

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Guest post by Energy Matters’ commentator Alex Terrell. Part 4 of the series on designing a renewable or nuclear electricity supply for the UK in 2050, where parts 1 to 3 were co-authored with Andy Dawson. Here costs of the renewable and nuclear options are compared. The forecast based on BEIS’ median 2030 scenarios for…

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Sable Island – such a ridiculous place to even think of putting wind turbines, but the Feds went ahead and did it. Canadian Press describes how the turbines never really did anything… they were dead from the get go. “The harsh … Continue reading →

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Skyrocketing electricity rates may force on in five Ontario business to close

As per usual the Ontario gov’t seems oblivious the effects of green energy on the affordability of the provinces electrical system where wind only provides 4% of the electrical needs, while representing 20% of the cost of electricity (Fraser Institute)  Skyrocketing electricity rates may force one in five Ontario businesses to close   

Alex Epstein – The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Alex has a background in philosophy and has done the critical thinking necessary to evaluate why we need to use fossil fuels. ” You’ve heard that our addiction to fossil fuels is destroying our planet and our lives. Yet by every measure of human well-being life has been getting better and better. This book explains why humanity’s use of fossil fuels is actually a healthy, moral choice. ”

I am encouraging everyone to at least read the first chapter (available for free here

If you are interested in hearing my recent interview with Alex, you can listen here

I wish I could have gone into more detail about the economics of wind energy and the tactics used by the wind industry, where they come in like a stealth bomber, enlisting landowners/farmers to host turbines,  promising easy money and of course the invigorating idea that we are helping the planet by reducing the use of fossil fuels and cleaning up our air.  None of which they can provide real world data to back those claims.

In any case thank you Alex for taking an interest  in a  Rural grubby’s plight with Industrial wind development.