Property Values

Chris Luxemburger presented at an OMB hearing in Grand Valley , Amaranth and East Luther Ontario, area.  He is a real Estate Broker with Sutton Group – Professional Realty Inc.  He is also serving as director of the Bramptom Real Estate Board and the Chairperson of the Real Estate By-Laws Committee.  He is also an active aviation enthusiast and pilot. 

His presentation can be found under the following link chris-luxemburger-presentation1

His conclusions,  wind turbines do not add a contributor value to a parcel of land and thus increase the land values. Based on a sample of 600 properties that sold in the area of wind turbines over a 3 year period,  he discovered the following:

1)  days on the market were more than doubled for those properties inside the wind turbine zone (3 Nautical miles)

2) the sold price was on avg. $48,000 lower inside the wind turbine zone

3) the number of homes not sold was 11% inside the turbine zone compared to 3% outside.


2 responses to “Property Values

  1. Run down on ZEP meeting in Orono, ON sent ot Minister of Energy.
    I would like to make you aware that the meeting stated in the Clarington This Week newspaper on June 21st, 2010 that was to be a Public Meeting by ZEP , Zero Emissions People, c/o Energy Farming Inc. in regards to the Wind Farm Ganaraska Project was in fact not a Public Meeting at all. After 120 concerned residents entered the Town Hall in Orono the fire marshal deemed it to capacity. Approximately 80 concerned residents were left outside as the meeting commenced. When asked if the ZEP representatives would reschedule the meeting in order to relocate it to a more acceptable venue accommodating ALL concerned representatives, the answer was as follows ” This is not a public Meeting but an Open House”. I would like it noted then that the first mandatory Public Meeting to be performed by Zep and Energy Farming Ontario Inc. has NOT taken place and when they do decide to have this first mandatory Public Meeting it should be in a venue able to accommodate ALL concerned residents present.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email and it is with great anticipation that I await your response as to how this matter will be dealt with.

    Thank You


    Shawn Hamilton

    Oorno, ON


  2. ruralgrubby

    Thank you Shawn for letting us know how your Public meeting went. Clearly wind developers are hampering the process at every step of the way. In the early days before people were aware of all of the ramifications surrounding wind energy, only a handful of concerned citizens would show up and of course the open house format would never allow anybody to fully hear all of the info. or answers. The best line given to farmers about the responsibility for the turbines if the Wind developer should abandon the project was the idea that they could use the scrap metal from the turbine as their cash reward for the company bailing out. It was scary the amount of people that took that hook line and sinker.

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