Turbines devalue your property

Chris Luxemburger presented at an OMB hearing in Grand Valley , Amaranth and East Luther Ontario, area.  He is a real Estate Broker with Sutton Group – Professional Realty Inc.  He is also serving as director of the Bramptom Real Estate Board and the Chairperson of the Real Estate By-Laws Committee.  He is also an active aviation enthusiast and pilot. 

His presentation can be found under the following link chris-luxemburger-presentation1

His conclusions,  wind turbines do not add a contributor value to a parcel of land and thus increase the land values. Based on a sample of 600 properties that sold in the area of wind turbines over a 3 year period,  he discovered the following:

1)  days on the market were more than doubled for those properties inside the wind turbine zone (3 Nautical miles)

2) the sold price was on avg. $48,000 lower inside the wind turbine zone

3) the number of homes not sold was 11% inside the turbine zone compared to 3% outside.


One response to “Turbines devalue your property

  1. Son of a gun, this is so helfupl!

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