Hydro hike benefits big business

Somebody has to pay!  Since ratepayers/taxpayer does little in this country to counter this kind of highway robbery,  let’s just foist this increase onto them.  Come on Ontario,  this is no different that the eco-tax.

“Less construction of energy sources will be required as industry moves away from hefty peak-hour use, he suggested. “
O.K. Duncan Donut, why the need for all of these Industrial Wind turbines and solar panels which we are paying 13.5 cents and 80 cents respectively when the going rate is 5.8 to 6.9 cents. 
I am so fed up of hearing that we need these renewables to help replace coal.  Renewables will represent at best 5% of Ontario electrical needs.  Coal provides approx. 16%.  

via Hydro hike benefits big business.


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