Is there no harm in doing it Green?


Read the editorial at Today’s Farmer.  A Southwestern Ontario farm publication.

I read the  editorial comment in the July 13th  Today’s Farmer edition and was glad to see their efforts in showing the boondoggled that is Ontario’s  “green energy policy”.  Thank you for indicating that the micro-FIT program is unsustainable and how the lack of planning on the part of OPA is causing a real problem, however I must admit my disappointment when they indicated in the end that there is “nothing wrong with trying to establish a green energy policy”.  In their effort to show “balance” they are forgetting that this kind of statement ends up supporting the industrialization of rural Ontario which can substantially reduce production agriculture, desecrate natural habitats, and adversely affect the lives and health of neighbours.
Why would anyone consider moving forward on policies that cannot prove themselves to be effective, efficient nor deliver what the renewable industry claims .  In my past 4 years of reviewing renewable energy,  it is pretty clear to me that wind and solar are NOT efficient, reliable nor can provide solutions towards improved GHG emissions.  In fact they can aggravate the problem because of the need to balance their intermittent output with  fossil fuels.
Our gov’t has created a mad rush towards green technologies rather than focus on a proper cost benefit analysis.  Wind Energy in particular has not been shown to consequentially decrease C02 emissions, improve air quality, provide long-term jobs or significant sources of energy without heavy, long term gov’t support.  This in turn will add undue burden onto our already flailing economy.  OPA has already signed hundreds of contracts for renewables which will cost the Ontario taxpayer close to $30 billion dollars for the sake of what?  Ontario is working in surplus mode as of right now, because our manufacturing sector has suffered deeply from a similar boondoggle called the derivative financial scandal.  Green energy is proving to be taking a very similar path, disguised as the Cap and Trade scheme. 

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They are also ignoring the potential long term impact that these kinds of development will have on prime agricultural land and by stating that green energy policies only requires safeguards and accountability ignores that in place right now are dozens of contracts which put into question the long term ownership of ag. lands and a piece of legislation called the Green Energy Act  which has  stripped away the need for accountability and safeguards. 
Please understand that if an  honest and fair regulatory and political environment existed,   local citizens and communities would bury these so called “green”  projects long before they get to the serious implementation stage.  Things like industrial wind projects have split communities apart and pit neighbour against neighbour.  I speak from experience having lived through the process.  The concept of clean energy is nothing but a  dirty lie,  see  articles above.  If renewable energy was such a great idea,  it would not require long term support for 20 years.  The industry is non existent without gov’t support and I do not understand why so many insist that we must still support this kind of thinking for the sake of an unproven ideology. 

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