Politicians will do anything to save the world except listen to you

From the Editor:  Oct. 27 

I write this while the wind developer has started to erect 24 turbines within 3 to 5 km of my home.

A recent article by Lorrie Goldstein in the Toronto Sun nails how this gov’t perceives their role in adjuticating policy in this province and addressing the general taxpayer’s concerns when it comes the Green Energy Act.   Please read the whole article here.  http://www.torontosun.com/comment/columnists/lorrie_goldstein/2009/10/27/11536651-sun.html
But I found this particular quote interesting:

“On Thursday, the Legislature is scheduled to debate a resolution by Tory MPP Bill Murdoch calling for a moratorium on wind turbine development in Ontario until the province’s medical officer of health and the government assure the public it’s safe.

That’s unlikely to slow McGuinty, who has already dismissed critics as suffering from “Not-In-My-Backyard” syndrome.

Even if Murdoch’s resolution — prompted by concerns from his constituents in his Owen Sound-area riding — is passed, unlikely given the Liberal majority, it won’t be binding on the government.

And yesterday, a health ministry spokesman told me Ontario Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, shares the government’s view, following its review of the existing scientific literature, that a moratorium isn’t needed, suggesting Thursday’s debate is moot.”

Have a look at a response to this  from a victim in Norfolk county who is presently suffering from 18 turbines within 3 km of her house.

> To Whom It May Concern:
> -to quote Ontario Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King, “with a review of existing scientific literature, a moratorium isn’t needed, suggesting Thursday’s debate is moot.” 

 -the pain & suffering I have had to endure, I am still enduring, on account of these INDUSTRIAL wind turbines is now ‘moot’? Not even worth arguing? How can a mere ‘review’ constitute a decision this important; a decision that is currently affecting peoples’ health worldwide; will continue to do so; and with the catastrophic onset of thousands more turbines across our province & lakes, a decision that will have an effect  on who knows how many more? Why aren’t we gathering our own ‘scientific literature’ from the wind farms already in Ontario? Where are your moral
> values, your ethics? How can you, Dr. Arlene King, possibly be the Medical Officer of Health for our entire province when you don’t even care about the miserable conditions people exposed to low frequency noise live with;
> when you won’t even look into the issue?
> -the inability to sell my property is now moot? Forget about the 10%, 20%,  30% drop in property value – a property is only worth what you actually get when you actually sell it – in my case nothing.
> -and to quote our government, “research shows no adverse health effects.” what research? Nobody has contacted me as to how I’m coping with this  wind farm already in my backyard. Why not? 

 -why isn’t our government conducting research on the people already exposed to low frequency noise from existing wind farms?
> -why are they not taking measurements of noise & vibrations from our residences, so they know the exact conditions that can be linked to these wind farms and the severe, debilitating ailments they inflict; so they
> know exactly how close is too close?
> -the MOE tells me they don’t have the necessary equipment, staff, training to measure low frequency noise & vibration. Why not? We can subsidize millions of our tax dollars into wind farm development, yet we can’t come
> up with any way to monitor & record their effects on the environment, including human beings. Why not resolve this issue once and for all? Are you afraid of the outcome???
> -the government has yet to approach me as to how the turbines I live with have affected me.; which incidentally, are a perfect example of exactly 550 meters away.
> -with the exception of these wonderful people at Wind Concerns & one government MPP, my appeals have been ignored; with no results from government officials who have responded. A sympathetic response is just not enough. Something needs to be done. Somebody needs to take action, to be held accountable; now and in the future.
> -my neighbours and I have been used; involuntarily mind you, as guinea  pigs in a horrendous experiment that is still ongoing, one that occurs all day & all night, every day & every night; and the government can’t even be bothered to view the result!
> -they are willing to sacrifice our well-being, our lives for exactly what?
> -they have yet to offer us a place of respite when the presence of low frequency sound becomes intolerable.
> -they have yet to rescue us from this constant, debilitating low frequency noise; and relocate us.
> -they have yet to offer us compensation as a result of our pain & suffering from the experiment they have forced upon us.
> -just this morning a new symptom associated with continuous, accumulative exposure to low frequency noise; a sharp pain in my right knee, enough to warrant expletives when I bend my knee the wrong way. Will this continue?
> Will I be able to walk? to drive?
> -the more prolonged, the more continuous the exposure; more & more symptoms show up; some of which may never go away.
> -who will be next? Who will be the next guinea pig? Will they come to your rescue? Will they offer you respite? Will they offer you compensation?
> Probably not – it’s a ‘moot’ point, so it doesn’t bear further investigation!
> -given my scenario, who would want them in their backyard?
> FYI – as I write this, the concrete floor of my basement is now shuddering  – another ‘moot’ point!

Pretty poignant stuff! 

It’s pretty clear to me that our gov’t is simply flying by the seat of their pants on this issue and now I fully understand why Duncan Donut has allowed this province to rack up an additional $28 billion deficit. 



2 responses to “Politicians will do anything to save the world except listen to you

  1. Stephana Johnston

    As Kay’s neighbour , across the road, I can vouch for everything she says so eloquently and powerfully.

    The sleep deprivation and daily exposure to LFV force me to find ways to escape as often and for as long as possible so I can’t do the kind of writing which Kay still has the strength to do.

    Unfortunately returning home is like coming back to a kind of torture dreamed up by Torquemada.

  2. Thanks for your response Stephana and please use these sites to help you get your message out. The WCO survey has indicated over 100 people within approx. 600 turbines in Ontario are suffering, yet so few come out to express publicly. Why??? do they sit in silence??? Do they not realize that their lack of vocalizing is being misconstrued as and used by the wind developers as a sign that it cannot be all that bad when so few have formally complained. This lack of speaking out is in fact saying so much to those in authority over this issue. In other words, it can’t be that bad and rural residents are willing to suck up the “annoyance” factor that wind turbines represent. This kind of apathy is very disconcerting .

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