Wind Energy-the case of Denmark

Sept. 2009

You will find that the windies alway like to use Denmark as the exemplerary case study for Industrial Wind Energy.  The following article shows us how wind is a dismal failure.

“Denmark generates the equivalent of about 19% of its electricity demand with wind turbines, but wind power contributes far less than 19% of the Nation’s electricity demand.  The claim that Denmark derives about 20% of its electricity from wind overstates matters. Being  highly intermittent, wind power has recently (2006) met as little as 5% of Denmark’s annual  electricity consumption with an average over the last five years of 9.7%.”



3 responses to “Wind Energy-the case of Denmark

  1. Thank God this came out. It has proven what I, and many other bloggers and sane environmentalist have been talking about.

  2. Do you mean to say that the Wind Electricity in the country is failure? I think if it is not yet a liabilities that won’t return a piece of benefits to Denmark, then maybe we can still consider that as remedies for a cleaner energy. Not unless if we have better idea to replace it.

  3. ruralgrubby

    Yes Nuje wind is a complete failure. It can’t provide a reliable, dispatchable and efficient form of energy. It cannot replace fossil fuel generation, in Ontario OPA is going gunhoe on Natural gas to replace coal because they know renewables can never reliably replace fossil fuels. It doesn’t reduce CO 2 in a significant way and it is a very expensive form of energy that as taxpayers, we will be paying for the next 20 years. How is that a logical way of approaching our energy problems??

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