Get a Reality Check Keith Stewart

An interview with Keith Stewart from the World Wildlife Federation.

Keith never seems to understand the constraints we must deal with when trying to intergrate renewable energies. I swear he doesn’t know how to do math. Large scale renewable are inefficient and cost prohibitive. They cannot respond to the needs of a modern society. The largest Biogas generation technology available right now only provides 10 MW of energy. (Ontario needs over 20,000 MW). Wind turbines and solar need quick responsive backup generation to counter their intermittency and unreliable power therefore will never replace coal or Natural Gas. (Hydro and Nuclear are part of baseload therefore cannot respond to the intermittency) He also doesn’t indicate to the public how much public funding is needed. Renewables will be receiving under the proposed FIT program 3 times the present electricity rates without including all of the transmission upgrades needed to allow renewables onto to the grid. This is coming out of each and every tax payers pocket. This is absolutely ludicrous. To top things off are the restrictions the GEA will impose upon the democratic process in reviewing these kinds of developments. We as citizens will have NO say. Wake up Ontario, this is a scam and WWF are shills to the renewable industry (especially wind). Have a look at the insights about the wind scam by an environmental scientist from the U.K. ” Proponents of wind power repeatedly stress that opposition is based primarily on the impact on landscape, but justify this by the need to “tackle climate change” through reduction of carbon dioxide emission. As this book shows, the saving of CO2 proposed by government’s own 2010 target for electricity generated by renewables is a minute 0.04% of the global total and, by 2020 this will not have grown in any way comparably with the huge increases of emission from the developing world.”



posted by Rural Grubby on 16 September 2009 at 1:21 PM



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