TORSTAR is at it again!

Wind setbacks – Another contentious issue is the proposed 550-metre setback rule for the placement of wind turbines.

It was created to placate rural and anti-wind groups, many of which claim wind turbines make people sick, but the setback doesn’t appear to satisfy any side.

Those opposed to wind development say the setbacks should be at least a kilometre, while the wind developers say 550 metres is not based on science and could ruin the economics of dozens of projects across southern Ontario.

If the 550-mark sticks, it will be interesting to see how much, if it all, it slows down wind development.

O.K. Tyler where did get the info. that the 550 metres was develop to placate rural and anti-wind groups.  The MOE assures us that they researched this issue and based on guidelines in Europe,  this is what they came up with.  When are you going to stop denying the problem.  People are hurting all over Ontario.  Wind energy is dismal failure when it comes to replacing coal,  diminishing GHG’s and providing new green jobs.   After spending the last 2.5 years of my life and most likely my last summer without turbines,  researching wind energy and corresponding with people involved in the energy sector,  Industrial wind turbines as the stand now are not going to cut it.   I’m tired of being used as expendable collateral in order to further advance your agenda and that of the McGuinty gov’t all in the name of an ideology that is unproven and harmful to people. 

Have a read of a victims plight:

Wave after wave of nausea awakened me ~ 5 am.  Since I won’t take drugs, no matter what I did, I couldn’t settle the nausea.

My ears were “stuffed”, I was just as tired as at 11 pm bedtime when I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer nor hold my head up.  I was trying to answer your email apology but just COULD NOT.

By ~7 am, I was completely distraught, many of my muscles would not “co-operate.  I was shaking and almost blubbering when I called MoE and spoke to John who advised me to “pull myself together”.  I relied that I was going to leave my home.  I drove shakily the ~ 15 km to my son’s and begged him to drive me to Simcoe, 50 km from my home and the IWT’s.

Soon, I started to fel better, well enough to call John at MoE.  I was composed and able to answer the Q’s for his “report”.  Another report, howver, is not going to bring about a permanent answer to the debilitating effects these 18 IWT’s, which are within 3 km of my home, are having on my body.

My son drove back to his home and I had a short “window” to safely? drive back to my home, steeling myself to the ringing in the ears, loss of muscle control and the inability to write this email accepting Martin’s apology.

12:30 pm, a computer glitch prevented me from sending this email and so, slowly and labouriously, I have pecked my way through it again.  Still coherent at ~ 4 pm but I don’t know whether I’ll be able to stay here the whole day.

I’m at a loss about a life saaving strategy.  Please reply with your suggestions.




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