Danish Turbine Collapse

windmill collapse

Many viewers had doubts to the authenticity of this turbine exploding.  Snopes has identified that it is indeed real



4 responses to “Danish Turbine Collapse

  1. this is ancient history– do you have any recent video ?? from the time of this incident there have been approximately 300 individuals lost in plane accidents , 40,000 in car accidents and about 5 people killed by falling coconuts around the world but no deaths from turbines. maybe you should move to the tropics and become an action reporter at least you would have the occasional story to write.

  2. Typical windy response and tactic to simplify everything into Green is good, and everything else is just old outdated news. I don’t think that something that happened a year ago that old. Since you are so on top of the number of deaths from other sectors you should be able to tell us how many deaths from Nuclear plants have occurred since this video? After having wind in Europe over 10 years, you would think a simple braking system would have been corrected. I trust the readers of this blog will be able to see through the name calling and juvenile comments about coconuts.
    Tell me Gena is putting up wind going to stop the coconuts from falling or the planes from crashing? If this was in another sector, all such mechanical structures would have been shut down until such time the problem was resolved. Of course, this doesn’t happen with wind.

  3. you missed the point again, as in fact i am very much a supporter of technology including nuclear and actually believe at this time in history technology is our only hope. however based on your logic everything would be shut down if you applied the same view you have of wind power to driving, flying and having a corona on the beach. be consistent don’t try to make a separate case for wind power and apply a totally different set of rules for everything else. if you were consistent a lot of regular every day situations such as driving, cooking, climbing up a latter would be eliminated in your world based on your reasoning because statistically they are far more dangerous than a wind turbine hundreds of meters from a home. there is no comparison and that is why the arguments coming from the fringe, which is you and few other lost souls, is soundly defeated through common sense.

  4. If common sense prevailed, Industrial sized wind monstrosities would not exist. Instead because of green ideology which works on perception rather than scientific methodology, we end up with 400 ft industrial machines planted in the middle of prime agricultural land. All for the sake of an unproven industry, riddled with corruption, (try Bing, Samsumg’s CEO) feeding at the public through. The fringe represents a faction of people who are getting informed and this boondoggle will soon explode.

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