Rural Democracy in Action!

A group of North Gower residents taking action to inform their neighbours about Industrial Wind Turbines.  Here is a few pictures and synopsis of what happened.  Approx. 200 people came by their booth and the reactions were quite startling. 
Had a great time presenting at our Farmers Market today. Lot’s of people with absolutely no idea of what is going on. Many strange ideas about how wind turbines will reduce hydro bills etc. 3 or 4 people with negative viewpoints but the vast majority eager to learn more.
About 35 people added to our petition list, I think we are up to 155 and we haven’t yet started our petition drive in earnest. Had two sets of petitions, one local and one for out of towners. Biggest impact visual was the drawing that my wife did comparing the turbine size to the Peace Tower. Funniest comment was Holy Crap! You will probably see from one of the pictures that the propsed turbines in our area will be 190M or 626 feet to the top of the blade or 140M to the nacelle. 30 signs (thanks Lorrie) were handed out and about $120 in donations received. About 80 info sheets were also picked up. Another good visual was the large GIS map with the locations of the turbines and every house in North Gower. Although health is the biggest issue, when people saw the location of their house with reference to the property value ranges, many mouths dropped.

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