Natural Resource Canada gets Nasty

Please send this link to every MP.   This is outrageous!   Another Ontario family is driven from their home and THIS is the government we have to deal with!

Natural Resources Canada Gets NASTY!

The following comment was sent anonymously to the WCO website regarding Barbara Ashbee having to vacate her her home:

Please let me know when the property comes up for sale. Since everyone claims that property values will decrese, I will expect a bargain basement price!

Not only does this person not know how to spell but I checked the IP address of the originator of this comment and lo and behold:
OrgName:    Natural Resources Canada
OrgID:      NRC-41
Address:    580 Booth Street
City:       Ottawa
StateProv:  ON
PostalCode: K1A-0E4
Country:    CA

Author : (IP: , E-mail :
Whois :

Have a look at John Laforet’s website 


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