We should support Wind Development – NOT


Recently the Windsor Star included a letter from Don Chilsom regarding the need to support Industrial Wind projects for the sake of children’s future. 
Here is Chisholm’s letter
Here is what I responded with
When is Mr. Chilsom going to understand that the people he repeatedly calls NIMBY’s are actually expressing the same concerns that he has with regards to the future of our children?  Why is it that questioning the value of Industrial Wind projects, is regarded as blasphemy against the great Manitou of Wind?
He is correct in that in a functioning democracy, voters have a responsibility to be fully informed, therefore it is  important  to first  determine that the green energy policies promoted within the GEA, are technically, economically and environmentally sound. These should be chosen based on scientific methodology which objectively and comprehensively proves that they meet or exceed the standards of existing electrical energy sources which are rated for their reliability, predictability, dispatchability, cost, and environmental impact. i.e. Does industrial wind make economic sense when compared to other options, and what is the environmental cost (including health) of this? Do we actually know  what is the full cost per tonne of CO2 saved by wind energy?  Although we hear lots about how a Cap and Trade or Carbon tax systems will equalize this kind of cost against big polluters such as coal generation,  nowhere does the government insist that C02 savings should be linked to the actual measured reductions in GHG emissions after taking into account additional emissions incurred during fossil fueled back up needed by wind energy.  

Ontario taxpayers must rely on the dispassionate, comprehensive and scientific adjudication of industry technical claims, by those who are employed to serve ONLY the public interest. This is particularly important when such businesses not only desire enormous public financial support, but also when the stakes (i.e. Global Warming) reportedly involve our very survival as a species. This is the situation we have today with industrial wind energy.

Mr. Chilsom’s perspective frightens me, because he sees those who are facing industrial wind projects along with their health and hard work in building up equity in  their properties, as expendable collateral.  All this in the name of an ideology (at taxpayers expense)  that has yet proven that Industrial Wind  will add more than 3% of our energy needs in this province and remove approx. 1% of the carbon emissions  plus will never replace Ontario coal generation with it’s intermittent, variable and inefficient (25%) form of electricity.  


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