Wind energy doesn’t help in fight against climate change


Re: Wind energy helping out in fight against climate change — June 17

Re: Energy article by Don Crosby — June 5

Mr. Pennie says in his first paragraph “The Ontario government has made a correct choice to begin the process of reducing 34% of CO2 emissions by transferring taxpayers burden of the mounting health costs of lung disease into the energy sector through the elimination of coal-fired electricity generating plants.”

In this first paragraph, Mr. Pennie suggests CO2 is responsible for lung disease. I am not a doctor but even I understand CO2 is a necessity of life, not a danger to it. Remove the CO2 and the planet dies. CO2 is not a danger to health. When was the last time you or someone you know came down with a case of the CO2’s?

Mr. Pennie forgot to mention in his so-called transfer of the taxpayer burden, that wind power is approximately three times the cost of other forms of electrical generation. Gas plants are replacing the coal plants, so the use of fossil fuels will not end with the closing of the coal plants as the industry and the government would like you to believe. We are simply changing fossil fuels.

Mr. Pennie says in his second paragraph “Now that we are all shareholders of General Motors, it is the intent of both the U. S. and Canadian governments to move forward the production of battery-operated cars. With millions of cars plugged in at night, wind power is the perfect twin to store energy and use it during the day in non-polluting cars, tackling according to the U. S. EPA, the other 28% of CO2 air pollution, let alone contributing towards solving climate change.”

First off, we are not “all shareholders” of General Motors. If I am, as Mr Pennie suggests, a shareholder of GM, I would like to sell my shares. Where do I pick up my cheque?

Where are these millions of cars you speak of Mr. Pennie? How do you plan to store the energy? I suppose we could store it in the batteries of the millions of non-existent cars. Suppose the wind does not blow for a few nights, which happens often, how will my batteries charge, how will I get to work, do I get the day off with pay?

You forgot to mention the pollution created in both the creation and disposal of the batteries as well of the logistics and cost of such a scheme. Every energy source and form of transportation has its costs to the environment and the pocket book. Let us not forget that in our rush to favour one over the other.

As far as the U. S. EPA is concerned, I live in Canada and could care less what they think. They believe, according to your article, CO2 is a pollutant. I do not think we should be listening to or following any organization, that has such a poor grip on reality. One thing CO2 is not, is a pollutant.

Mr. Pennie in case you are unaware of the true purpose of renewable energy I believe I can help you out. Renewable energy is for the creation of carbon credits and cash flow, according to a IEA/UN document. Neither will fight so-called global warming/ climate change, but then that never was the real purpose of renewable energy was it. The government gets the carbon credits and the renewable energy companies get a ton of cash.

The taxpayer on the other hand will suffer unnecessarily high electrical prices and face a carbon tax on every facet of their lives. We exhale CO2; therefore, a tax on CO2 is a tax on our person. Nice!

To the readers — please take the time to investigate the subject. It is time to pay attention.

Al Gore, Maurice Strong and Enron all worked together in the creation of the carbon tax/wind/renewable energy industry scheme.

Maurice Strong is the father of Kyoto and a Canadian, who resides in China where he is involved in the auto industry, gas powered. Expect these cars to start showing up in Canada in the future.

He is also one of the architects of the carbon tax system, not applied in China. China is building hundreds of coal plants, with no requirement to reduce their emissions, while we destroy our industries and economy in Ontario chasing the CO2 bogeyman. Canada is dependent on fossil fuel for only 28% of its electrical generation, one of the lowest percentages in the world.

It is high time we Canadians stopped listening to those selling pipe dreams, regardless of who is doing the selling. Truth can be stranger than fiction; Truth unfortunately, can sometimes be harder to believe.

I will leave you with a Maurice Strong quote “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring it about?”

That’s Canada he’s talking about.

Ron Stephens

Kincardine Independent for Huron-Bruce


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