Late Rubber Duck Award Nomination

Posted: June 22, 2009, 8:24 PM by NP Editor

Airborne junk

I would like to nominate CanWea (Canadian Wind Energy Association) and all the NGOs that support the wind industry. Nowhere can it be shown that industrial wind energy will:

  • close down coal-powered plants;
  • create new long-term jobs without atrophying jobs in owther sectors because of redirected funding for wind initiatives;
  • reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in amounts that would justify the funding that Big Wind will received from taxpayers’ pockets;
  • not put people in harm’s way because of the large quantities of infrasound and low-frequency noise generated;
  • not disproportionately increase electricity rates over other more economic, reliable and technically sound forms of electrical generation;
  • not cause a loss of prime agricultural land and specialty crop areas at a large rate when associated roadways and transmission requirements are included;
  • not cause a loss of amenity with constant strobing lights at night or shadow flicker during the day.

The relevant NGOs include:

  • The David Suzuki Foundation for its continual support of claims that CO2 is pollution rather than an element needed for photosynthesis, a necessary process in the production of food.
  • Environmental Defence, which falsely states that Denmark has reduced its CO2 emissions because of renewables.
  • The Pembina Institute which believes that nuclear can be replaced by an inefficient intermittent source such as wind energy because wind is always blowing somewhere in Ontario.



One response to “Late Rubber Duck Award Nomination

  1. ruralgrubby

    I can’t believe they would actually print this. Yours truly submitted and despite my list of NGO’s, which also included Toronto’s Env. Alliance for trouncing the citizens of Scarborough from expressing their concerns about Toronto Hydro’s wishes to include turbines in Lake Ontario, National Post didn’t change much including my spelling mistake. Maybe the word is getting out there that Big Wind is a scam.

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