Strategies on how to fight Industrial Wind

Fellow Advocates:
Recently I’ve been asked by several local activist groups for my opinion on what their purpose should be, what their solicitation letters should say, what their website should state, etc. Here it is in a nutshell.
My number one view is that your group needs to primarily be FOR something, not AGAINST. This basic foundation is extremely important.
The point, of course, is not to give ammunition to your opponents to categorize you as: NIMBY’s, supportive of pollution, against economic growth, opposed to renewables, etc.
In writing this up, there are different levels of detail your group can go into, depending on the circumstances. 
As I mentioned in my newsletter, I am working with a few other people on coming up with a national marketing campaign for this. We are still polishing this off, and I will keep you posted.
In the meantime, the condensed version of your group’s position might be stated (in a simple layperson fashion) as:

We absolutely agree that we have serious electrical energy issues (like air pollution) that are harming our environment. We want meaningful action, not business as usual. To really fix these problems we support sound scientific solutions.

We are open to ALL proposed ideas. Clearly some proposals will be much better than others. To separate out the good from the bad, all suggestions need to have real-world evidence that they make sense.

To determine its actual value, this proof would consist of an independent, objective and thorough assessment from: 1) technical, 2) economic, and 3) environmental perspectives. This is called using scientific methodology.

Our concern with industrial wind power is that NONE of this has been done. Further, essentially all evidence to date is that industrial wind power actually fails on all three counts.

For instance, no independent real world data exists that proves that wind power has any more than a tiny affect on air quality. Do citizens really want to spend a Trillion dollars for that — and have their utility rate triple besides?

And does it make sense that we spend all this money for a very small improvement in air quality — but in the process cause many other environmental problems?  We don’t think that makes any sense.

So we join our environmentally concerned neighbors, and ask that they likewise support only sound scientific solutions that will be REAL FIXES for the energy issues we have. 

As we learned as children reading the story of the Pied Piper — beware the enticements made by profiteers.

I’m sure that some of you are better with words than I am, and can embellish this basic summary so that it is far better. Please pass on your ideas and I will share them with other like-minded citizens.
By the way, does this mean that issues like setbacks are completely forgotten? Absolutely not!
Each of the many sub-issues falls under one of those three main categories. Setbacks, for instance, is one of several Environmental matters.
When making the case that wind energy does not make technicaleconomic, and environmental sense, there are numerous documents and studies that demonstrate its inadequacy.
Please use my website (http://www.WindPowerFacts.Info) and online presentation ( to get as many references as needed to respond to any counterclaims for each of these three areas.
PLEASE rereview the Strategies document that I have on the website, which goes into much more detail about the pros and cons of various strategies in fighting this scourge (<<>>).
john droz, jr.


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