Green Energy & Green Economy Act has passed, Doom Day for Ontario

Passage of Bill 150 Green Energy Act word for word 

Deferred vote on the motion for third reading of Bill 150, An Act to enact the Green Energy Act, 2009 and to build a green economy, to repeal the Energy Conservation Leadership Act, 2006 and the Energy Efficiency Act and to amend other statutes / Projet de loi 150, Loi édictant la Loi de 2009 sur l’énergie verte et visant à développer une économie verte, abrogeant la Loi de 2006 sur le leadership en matière de conservation de l’énergie et la Loi sur le rendement énergétique et modifiant d’autres lois. 

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Call in the members. This will be a five-minute bell. 

The division bells rang from 1135 to 1140.1140 hours at Queens Park May 14/08 

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): Mr. Smitherman has moved third reading of Bill 150. 

All those in favour will please rise one a time and be recorded by the Clerk. 


Aggelonitis, Sophia 

Albanese, Laura 

Arthurs, Wayne 

Balkissoon, Bas 

Bartolucci, Rick 

Bentley, Christopher 

Broten, Laurel C. 

Brown, Michael A. 

Brownell, Jim 

Bryant, Michael 

Cansfield, Donna H. 

Caplan, David 

Carroll, Aileen 

Chan, Michael 

Colle, Mike 

Delaney, Bob 

Dickson, Joe 

Dombrowsky, Leona 

Duguid, Brad 

Duncan, Dwight 

Flynn, Kevin Daniel 

Fonseca, Peter 

Gerretsen, John 

Gélinas, France 

Gravelle, Michael 

Horwath, Andrea 

Hoy, Pat 

Jaczek, Helena 

Jeffrey, Linda 

Johnson, Rick 

Kular, Kuldip 

Lalonde, Jean-Marc 

Leal, Jeff 

Levac, Dave 

Marchese, Rosario 

McMeekin, Ted 

McNeely, Phil 

Meilleur, Madeleine 

Miller, Paul 

Milloy, John 

Mitchell, Carol 

Moridi, Reza 

Pendergast, Leeanna 

Phillips, Gerry 

Ramal, Khalil 

Ramsay, David 

Rinaldi, Lou 

Ruprecht, Tony 

Sandals, Liz 

Smith, Monique 

Smitherman, George 

Sousa, Charles 

Tabuns, Peter 

Takhar, Harinder S. 

Van Bommel, Maria 

Watson, Jim 

Wilkinson, John 

Wynne, Kathleen O. 

Zimmer, David 

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): All those opposed? 


Arnott, Ted 

Bailey, Robert 

Chudleigh, Ted 

Hardeman, Ernie 

Miller, Norm 

Munro, Julia 

Ouellette, Jerry J. 

Runciman, Robert W. 

Shurman, Peter 

Sterling, Norman W. 

Wilson, Jim 

Witmer, Elizabeth 

Yakabuski, John 

The Clerk of the Assembly (Ms. Deborah Deller): The ayes are 59; the nays are 13. 

The Speaker (Hon. Steve Peters): I declare the motion carried. 

Be it resolved that the bill do now pass and be entitled as in the motion. 

Third reading agreed to.


2 responses to “Green Energy & Green Economy Act has passed, Doom Day for Ontario

  1. The Day Democracy Died in Ontario!……..notice that not even mainstream media is allowed to produce one single story on this!
    Now that’s the proof that we no longer live in a Democratic Society. What’s next? Loss of land, home, health and community…..oh right!…that’s already happening!

  2. ruralgrubby

    The cult like thinking surrounding the green movement does not allow for science based decisions and the ease and speed at which the GEA was passed clearly indicates the zealout nature of those who support this piece of legislation. Those who had reservations (including McGuinty himself) did not show up to vote. I guess they believe by ducking the green ball they will remain in the game. As for this voter I’ve taken stock of the list above and will never vote Liberal again if this is the kind of mindset they covet and foster within their party.

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