Lawsuit in Missouri


Charlie Porter has a wind farm around his home. He is in Missouri. Tried to sell his property. Twelve people came to look at it. Got one offer 50% below asking price. Realtor finally came by and picked up his sign – doesn’t think he can sell the property They are suing John Deere. He’s going to check out my blog but it sounds the same in both places. Any ideas to help this family?

From Charlie Porter;   My family and myself are in the middle of a Wind Monster nightmare.27 Giant Wind Monsters have been erected in every direction, surrounding our home of fifteen years. The distances in every direction from our home are 1200′,1500′,1500′,1800′,2000′,2000′,2500,2500′ and so on. The noise, the shadow flicker,the destruction of our equity,sleep deprivation,loss of peace and quiet,loss of our once perfect view, have devastated our lives ! Our attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the Wind Capital Group and John Deere Renewables, however with all the legal loop holes they have and all the money they have, I’m confident that this will drag on for years.In the meantime, my family suffers financially,emotionally and physically, on a daily basis.I have an overwhelmingly helpless feeling in the fact that I can’t help my family. We simply can’t afford to buy another farm, and we can’t sell the one we’re on.My family is trapped, and according to my research and my gut, my families health is being harmed !! My question to you all is this. Does anyone out there know the Brand name of the Wind Monster that collapsed in New York on Friday ? For that matter, does anyone out there have any other info that might possibly help our attorneys find a way out of this nightmare for my family ? Thank you, Charlie Porter Cell: (660)483-0648 3 Time World Champion Breeder NWMSO Futurity Committee Board Member Mid America Breeders Futurity Committee Board Member

And McGuinty’s government still refuses to address the issue here in Ontario.


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