Citizens Environmental Alliance of South Western Ontario

I wanted to express my deep disappointment with your CNW press release on March 4th.cea_essex_press_releaseand with your organization,(CEA of South West Ontario)  regarding the meeting in the Town of Essex on the health and safety issues surrounding Industrial Wind Turbines. 
I would like to determine how Mr. Smith determines that the moratorium on Industrial wind  was “absurd” when people in Ripley, Amaranth township,  Goderich,  Japan,  New York are presently suffering from stray voltage and Low Frequency Noise.   There are presently over 30 homes suffering across Ontario right now.  These people suffer in silence because they have no support from  either their local, provincial, or federal officials.  As for trying to get help from the wind developer,  they are often abandoned or are forced to move away from the homes in many cases without compensation.     
As for “insufficient evidence was given during the debate over the moratorium to support restrictions” ,  how is it that anything can be relayed in sufficient detail for municipal councillors to digest when restrictions such as 15 minutes per presentation and only 10 minutes of questions were allowed.   Two main sources of information,  Dr. Robert  McMurtry and Dr. Magda Havas were not able to attend the meeting on Feb. 23rd however repeatedly offered to answer questions to  council.  Instead council chose to ignore this information and insult such people as amateurs who do not have direct “field” experience with wind turbines.    In place of this,  they listen to people like Mr. Brian Howe a P.Eng. and Dr. Geoff Leventhall (an acoustitician) suggesting that people are suffering from noise problems due to a fear of physical intrusion.  First of all this is  completely overstepping their professional authority.    Mr. Howe who was involved with the noise assessment in the Amaranth area (an area presently lodging a noise complaint through the MOE)  and Dr. Leventhall,  are making medical assessment, a function that  is clearly outside of their professional realm.    As for Dr. Leventhall’s conclusion that doctors do not understand noise,  the alternative can be said of  Dr Leventhall, who does not understand the effects that noise especially LFN,  can have on the general health of people.

On the environmental front,  has Citizens Alliance of South Western Ontario  been able to determine if Industrial wind does what it is purported to do?  i.e actually reduce GHG emissions.  In my attempts to determine this I have yet to find the value of Industrial Wind Turbines wrt helping with Global warming issues.  (have a look at the article below from the U.K.)
Your press release also states that “The decision of the Essex town council shows the rest of the county and the province that renewable sources of energy will be an important part of our future – a future that must be environmentally and economically sustainable,” said Derek Coronado, Coordinator, Citizens Environment Alliance of southwestern Ontario.”  How is it that a “green” source of energy such as wind,  which will cost 2.5 times more than traditional sources, be “economically sustainable” especially for our faltering auto industry which requires economical input costs in order to remain viable. 

‘Wind farms’ are just the product of a dangerous green ideology “
March 29, 2009 by James Lovelock in

A campaign is being fought that uses social rejection to make us
accept industrial-scale wind energy stations across the UK

In Prague Castle at a Forum 2000 conference, hosted by President
Vaclav Havel, I heard the distinguished novelist and freedom fighter
Wole Soyinka say with great passion that political correctness is
evil. He argued that while brute force is one way to take away our
democratic rights, they can be lost as easily by the social rejection
of political correctness.

It seems we are now subject to a campaign that uses social rejection
as a force to make us accept industrial-scale wind energy stations
across the UK, to call them wind farms is disingenuous.

As part of this campaign the great and the good are now hectoring on
the moral need to embrace wind energy. No less a person than the
environment minister, Ed Miliband, stated that “Opposition to wind
farms should be as unacceptable as failing to wear a seat belt”.

Knowing that seat belts are now a legal requirement, those who care
for freedom should beware. To reinforce the minister’s warning, in a
broadcast the Green party pleaded for wind energy as if it was holier
than motherhood. Even that much-loved and respected charity, the RSPB,
is now using our subscriptions to lobby for wind energy.

If wind energy was the one practical and affordable answer to global
warming then I would grit my teeth at the loss of the countryside and
accept it. But I know that they are no answer to global warming in
northern Europe.

The Germans who have invested more than anyone in this form of energy
are finding, according to newspaper Der Spiegel, that despite more
than 17,000 wind turbines across Germany the nation is now emitting
more CO2 than before it built them.

Why? Because the turbines are only 17% efficient, the wind does not
blow at the right speed often enough for them to do better than this.

As a result 83% of the electricity that should have come from wind has
to be made in coal-burning power stations that can never work at
optimum efficiency because they are forever adjusting to the
fluctuating flow from wind generation. Even with the huge attraction
of the subsidy, energy companies are increasingly abandoning wind as
an effective and green source of energy.

The European Union was formed in the hope of avoiding the devastating
wars that so marred the first half of the 20th century but the
founders forgot that ideology, a basis of war, is transnational and
now emerges as the new green ideology.

It is not yet the harbinger of war but intemperate injunctions about
green imperatives could make it as dangerous as its forerunners. It
was green ideology fuelled by industrial greed that made Europe make
the Renewables Obligation that subsidises unproven energy providers.
The sooner it is abandoned, the better chance we have of meeting the
appalling climate challenges of the century.

There is no such thing as renewable energy; it belongs as an idea with
perpetual motion and other delusions but politicians and ideologues
have become skilled at using enticing words to cover essentially
rotten ideas.

I wholeheartedly support Fergal MacErlean’s balanced Guardian comment
piece, in which he confirms the strength of the opposition many of us
feel to the trashing of our still beautiful countryside.

I recoil at the thought that through misguided faith in renewable
energy we could destroy the 1,000km South West Coast Path that runs
along the seaward edge of Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset and
includes some of the best coastal scenery in the world. Let us be
proud to be Nimbys, our backyard is the countryside and that is the
face of Gaia.

Global warming is real and deadly and we have to do our best to
counter it, but we must not be led astray by the special pleading of
an industry made rich by over-generous subsidies paid for by your
taxes and an industry that is bound to fail to deliver.

It is false pride and hubris to believe we can do anything to “save
the planet”. At most we can save the people here on these islands;
wind energy will hamper, not help us achieve that end. It is time we
fully and deeply understood that our Earth can and always has saved
itself, although not necessarily for our benefit.

Web link:

If sustainable means “green jobs” as Ken Neumann, director of the United Steel Workers  states,   have a look at the following articles:

As for the bill 150 and the Green Energy Act,  I hope your organization will carefully consider this piece of legislation.  Upon examining this proposed Bill,  you will find that it …
  • Takes away your civil rights to object to any infrastructure project proposed for your neighbourhood regardless of impact on you and your family.
  • Strips municipalities of their planning protection rights, effectively re-zones all of Ontario into an Industrial zone.

  • Severely curtails environmental rights.

  • Eliminates the need for proper Environmental Assessment thereby putting Threatened and Endangered Species at risk.

  • Eliminates previously protected designated Green Spaces and gives them to Industrial Wind Turbine developers.

  • Excludes Ontarians from any say or objection in the establishment or location of industrial wind turbine plants.

  • Silences Ontario citizens systematically.

  • Bestows the Energy “Czar” power over pricing and procurement.

  • Awards aid to commercial wind-turbine developers, whose profits will come exclusively from public funds (guaranteed 20 years).

  • Enacts a ”reverse onus” clause whereby developers will no longer be accountable, but rather it is the “victim” who must prove harm by doing their own costly environmental assessment. The victim is only given only 15 days to complete.

  • Infringes on our right to fair government, health and safety, and erodes trust and checks and balances in the system.

  • Raises your electricity bill by an estimated 30%

  • Search and Seizure – Grants the government the right to enter a place of business without a warrant to ensure conformance to energy audit standards with fines of up to $25,000.Again I wish to express my deep disappointment with your organization and can only hope that you will take the time to examine Industrial Wind more carefully and see this for what it is “a product of a dangerous green ideology”.
 Rural Grubby 

P.S.  Go to to find out how YOU can help.   


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