A letter from Ripley on Stray Voltage

 The letter below is from a woman who has been living with stray voltage/ dirty electricity problems since Nov. 2007.  It’s been over a full year. 

I’ve recently come to find out one of her neighbours sold their property where they were experiencing problems.  This neighbour who is a councillor for the township of Huron-Kinloss in Ontario,  also relates to others that all is fine with her house since the company buried the lines.  This woman and husband are still receiving income from 3 Industrial Wind turbines located on another piece of property. 

Mr. Guinty,

This is my third letter to you, our government’s top representative, regarding the serious health problems incurred and occurring to the residence within the Ripley Wind Project since the last week of November 2007.

In the first letter dated July4, 2008 I informed you, my government, of variables which have changed for the families effected as well as potential solutions. The two that have caused us harm are:

1) Our Hydro One neutral line was removed and replaced by the grounding system for the E-82 variable speed industrial turbines. Our neutrals were bonded to this system.

2) The enormous blades of the industrial turbine began rotating above the height of our homes and near our homes.

 Due to these changes we experienced and still experience severe health problems, some of which are:  sleep disturbances, sleep deprivation, the sensation of you skin crawling or being bit, humming in the head by the ears, ringing in the ears, headaches, heart palpations, digestive problems, nose bleeds and increasing severity of not feeling well.

Mr McGuinty while reading this correspondence imagine your family’s normal healthy home environment changing to start causing the above problems and trying to reach out to the companies and government to solve the problems. You envision in the 21st century you could obtain help for your health, trust me it will not be there.

 The companies were asked for health protocol since the spring of 2007 (none provided yet) and were asked that their PR rep due a community health survey to ensure the health of all Ripley neighbors were considered, too, (non was done).

After 5 months of severe symptoms we begged for sleep and were billeted in town paid for by the windmill company. Our homes were totally disconnected from and isolated from Hydro One and put on standalone generators for months. We were very ill from the effects of the unfiltered power (electrical pollution) and the blade sound and vibrations coming into our homes, but, some improvement was noted. Two small sections of high voltage lines were buried passed our homes, which helped to some extent. Our homes are still not the healthy environments we experienced for some 19 to 36 years prior to Nov. 2007. Your home Mr. Guinty is it still healthy? Each of the above facts, I have informed your office by phone.

 July 14, 2008 A response to the first letter was received indicating concern. Also, Min. John Gerretson would reply. Nothing!

 August 13, 2008 Cheryl from your office said to fax the Premier that no follow-up occurred.

 August 14, 2008 I sent two letters. In one I lodged the following, “ I am lodging a formal or official complaint regarding the health and safety of my family and all the families within the Ripley and any other wind project of any size in Ontario. “

 August 20, 2008 You (our top level of government) replied and thanked me for my letter regarding our personal situation. My concerns were important to you and the. Min. of the Environment was supposed to have sent a response Sept. 19, 2008, but, according to, John, your communication person “my secretaries must have lost it”. John was to send me a copy as of Dec. 23, 2008. The response is still not here and we are still being harmed.

So the overall goal of the green energy act is important, but, to ignore and exclude health of the population living within the set up and running of projects is down right silly. When does an elected body ignore the voices of the people who are having their health severely affected?  This is an example when good government bodies are suppose to come to the rescue of the voter being harmed.

 Now, mistakes in judgment have been made in the Ripley Wind Project that should be immediately and fully corrected AND NOT REPEATED anywhere across the province for the sake of an act which will override the honest concerns of voters and municipalities regarding harm to anyone’s health.


 Mrs. S. MacLeod and neighbours

 To Our Huron Bruce Community and the province at large,

 Call your local M.P.  We  need the support of our neighbours to tell our government to  get the companies to fix this mess and insist that the health of all Ontarian’s within green project big or small have  an impartial and scientific health survey done so what is happening to us will not happen to a loved ones family. We have been 15 months reaching out to the companies  and levels of our government for help. Call your local M.P..

 Thank you,

Mrs. S. MacLeod and neighbours.






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