The Cost of Wind Power

Environmental Exchange – Vol. 2, Issue 4

Published on Friday, January 02, 2009


Vol. 2, Issue 4

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Top Story:
The Cost of Wind Power
Wind power has become increasingly publicized as the “green” solution to meeting the increased energy demand and helping to mitigate global warming. Its advocates long have claimed that wind power is a cost effective source of energy. This is only true with the market distortions caused by state and federal governments. The subsidies that support wind farms hurt all sectors of the economy by redistributing money into a higher priced, less efficient and more unreliable source of energy. The truth behind wind energy is that it costs more than other traditional sources, does not provide reliability like hydroelectric, nuclear or thermal power plants, and may not be as environmentally friendly as advocates like to profess. The British Wind Energy Association, the main lobby group for wind power in Europe, has reevaluated and halved the estimate of a wind farm’s ability to “offset” fossil fuel emissions.
Unfortunately with global warming fears, renewable portfolio standards, and REC markets, wind power has become the forefront of the renewable energy market.
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Texas Wind Energy: Past, Present, and Future by Drew Thornley
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