Founding of the European Platform Against Windfarms


Saturday Oct 4th, in Paris, 2000 to 3000 people coming from France and various European countries demonstrated peacefully against windfarms. Antoine Waechter was among them. Green candidate in the 1988 French presidential election, Mr Waechter subsequently split from the Greens to found the Independent Ecological Movement. He is shown on the picture reading my placard. To the right of the picture, the mayor of a village in France whose inhabitants ALL decided to sell their houses when a windfarm project was announced in the vicinity. If you wish to know more about the Village for Sale, please advise.
We received over one hundred messages of support coming from all over the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, South Africa, Japan and Slovenia.  See :
The demonstration and conference was backed by 176 associations and federations :
An international platform against windfarms was founded the same day, as follows :
Press release
Paris, Saturday Oct. 4th 2008
Founding of the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW).

In Paris today, on the occasion of the international demonstration against wind farms, German, Belgian, Spanish and French federations and associations have founded the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW). 

This project has received the support of colleagues from 16 countries representing several hundred federations and associations.

The founding members of this platform have agreed to make the following declaration :

1) Ecological deception and financial scandal.
It has now been proved that industrial windpower does not reduce CO2 emissions and therefore does not contribute
to the fight against global warming. This is principally due to the intermittent and uncontrollable nature of wind, which makes it necessary to rely on the back-up of polluting fossil-fuels power stations, 24 hours a day.
Industrial windpower is subsidized by the taxpayer-consumer.
In France for example, if the national plan is realized ( 12,500 wind turbines ! ) this burden will amount to 2.5 billion euros annually. In Germany, it is already costing 4 billion euros a year.
At a time when Europe is facing a deep economic crisis, it is not acceptable that the standard of living of Europeans be further reduced in favour of businessmen whose objective seems to be maximizing profits whatever the consequences.
Industrial windfarms are a threat to the environment.
Landscapes, the natural and cultural heritage, wildlife, quality of life, the security and health of Europeans are in danger !

2) The demands made by EPAW : an immediate moratorium and more transparency.

The platform demands an immediate moratorium with the suspension of all windfarm projects, approved or not.
The platform demands that be assessed, under the control of an independent body, the objective and undisputable effects of wind farms from an energetical, ecological and social point of view – respectively.
The platform finally demands that the guaranteed pricing of wind-produced electricity be made the object of both a public and a parliamentary debate, at national and european levels.
Signed by :
European Associations and Federations participating in the reunion of October 4th 2008
Spain : Iberica 2000
Belgica : Vent Contraire, Vent de Raison
France : FED : Fédération Environnement Durable (Fédération nationale),
France : FNASSEM – Fédération Nationale des Associations de Sauvegarde ses Sites et Monuments
Germany : BLS (Bundesverband Landschaftsschutz – landscape protection, federation of 800 local committees),
Germany : NAEB (Nationale Anti EEG Bewegung – against windfarms)
Contacts :
Kléber ROSSILLON (FNASSEM) : 06 07 21 88 64
Emmanuel du BOULLAY (FED) : 06 13 54 49 07

Mark Duchamp        + 34   679 12 99 97

The dark side of windfarms :
Pictures of windfarm victims ( eagles etc. ), of turbines on fire, of collapsed turbines, of soil & water contamination etc. :

Videos inconvenientes :
La cara oscura de los parques eólicos:
Fotos de víctimas de parques eólicos ( águilas etc. ), incendios de aerogeneradores, contaminación de las aguas por sus lubricantes etc. :


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