Smitherman is still not listening



Letter to the Editor – Today’s Farmer
Minister Smitherman,
It is obvious by your letter, you simply are not listening.  There is absolutely no one who opposes wind power who is “against” conservation and renewable energy…on the contrary! 
Those of us who have researched studies independent of CanWEA, have come to the conclusion that wind energy, because of it’s fundamental flaws, neither supports Ontario’s efforts to clean the air or to fight climate change.  Wind is simply not viable for either of these goals and perhaps your government should move on to looking at REAL alternatives and VIABLE solutions.  
Your government grabbed the first (non)solution that came its way and is still stubbornly running with it despite information pouring in from all over the world that wind power is nowhere near living up to the hype.  CO2 has not been reduced and no fossil fuel plants have been shut down anywhere in the world because of wind energy.  Is this really about the environment, Mr. Smitherman?   If you ask yourself honestly, really honestly, wouldn’t you say this is really only about money and politics at this point? 
You mentioned, with pride, the opening of the Melancthon wind farm.  I’m sure the reporters, lights and cameras made your government look green and everyone walked away that day patting themselves on the back.   The truth is there are people in that same area who are already suffering from insomnia, headaches and can no longer sit out on their decks because of the noise.   We have a report from a real estate study that the property values in that very same area have dropped on average of $48,000 per home. 
When will the Ontario government drop it’s blinding idealogy and just deal with this issue objectively and fairly?   The citizens elected you ….not the wind companies.   

2 responses to “Smitherman is still not listening

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the writer of this post. Minister Smitherman over inflates the value of wind development. These so called jobs and and stimulated economies are at best temporary (3 to 8 months). Recent information from the Amaranth area has shown that housing within a 3 Nautical mile radius of a turbine is selling for $48,000 less than houses sold outside of this radius. How is that suppose to to stimulate the local coffers??

  2. nosydenhamwindfarm

    I agree that it appears that Minister Smitherman is worried only about money and looking good; this comes at the expense of the health of all those living nearby. He does not care about what happens next. Publicity is all he cares about.

    If anyone reads this, speak up and send him a letter! We DESERVE a health study and a full province wide moratorium until a health study is done!

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