Industrial Wind Turbines and Government Guidelines

Are we protected from the effects of industrial wind turbines by stringent government guidelines? The first clue to the answer should be the word “guidelines”.

Wind companies check off the boxes on an environmental screening report and use studies they have commissioned and paid for themselves from private companies to get the green light on projects. “Guidelines” to air safety and wind turbines would appear to be questionable as well. The expert brought in by a wind company at an OMB hearing was dressed in clothing similar to what a pilot from an airline would wear. He declared, that in his expert opinion, the turbines sited meters from aerodromes were of no consequence to planes using the airspace around the airstrips even though an aerodrome owner and pilot of 30 years heartily disagreed. It turns out that the hired “expert” had never flown a plane in his life.

In spite of claims to open and transparent business practices, it would appear that wind companies are masters of illusion.

It is a familiar theme in the way wind turbines are brought into communities through the back door, in the way that wind company driven “studies” and “experts” are used to rubber stamp the environmental check list, in the use of letters to the editor by wind developers posing as ordinary citizens.

PLEASE check your sources of information. Make SURE it isn’t more of the same propaganda used by the people with a substantial financial interest in seeing turbines go forward.

Lorrie Gillis


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