Wind Turbines In St Joseph Manitoba

Have a look at CTV’s report on the St Joseph Wind Development project.  
Here is my response to another example of poor journalism.
Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 11:20 PM
Subject: Wind Turbines in St Joseph
Dear Ms Mitchell
Although being in Ontario,  I was able to view your stations report by Marni Kagen on the Wind development in St. Joseph Manitoba. 

Sad to say but this report revealed Ms Kagen’s huge bias for wind development and only confirms for me how your department has sold out to the prevalent green washing so many in the media seem to perpetuate.   All you seem to know to do is  just pass along the feel good PR messages of “Free, Clean and Green”  Energy.  
 Instead, why are you not asking the real questions about wind development? 
1)  How commercially viable is this form of energy on its own?  Even Manitoba Energy  admitted that this was a very expensive form of energy and will not even reveal to the public just how much this will cost.
2) To what extend will wind energy help GHG emissions?  Note;  Most reports site a best 1%
3)  Why would Manitoba invest in such an expensive form of energy when it appears that most of your generation comes from Hydro?  A renewable, cost effective and non emitting form of energy.  If it’s to sell the extra electricity, than why are Manitoba taxpayers footing the bill??
I also took great offence to the manner Todd Braun was protrayed as someone who will not be receiving revenues from turbine development which then eludes to the idea that he must therefore harbour feelings of resentment.  Like myself Todd is a landowner who chose not to host turbines because of their negative effects on our land, our communities and our families.  3 non-renewable resources you are treating as expendable collateral with this kind of reporting.
Note on Dec. 20 CTV Toronto W-5 will be airing a report on Wind development, I hope you will take the time to watch and see the other side of wind turbines.
Rural Grubby


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