Taking a stand

Taking a stand 


The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CANWEA) is an enormous organization representing over 650 developers.  They have deep pockets and their influence reaches very high places, including those of the Suzuki Foundation, the Audubon Society, Greenpeace and more. They have the ability to rally people quickly to help support their greenwashing agenda and make those of us who are opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines appear to be selfish, look like NIMBYS and unfriendly to the environment. They have over $15 billion a year in government subsidies at stake. That is a lot to motivate them.


We are opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines because they are not a viable, safe or a cost efficient alternative to greenhouse gases. They destroy communities and affect the value of properties that are surrounded by them. Most of the energy produced by Industrial Wind Turbines is generated during none peak hours. Electricity cannot be stored and at best they produce 20 to 25% percent of their stated capacity. They must be backed up by alternative means of generation which means that we can not presently be independent of the very generating capabilities that they claim to be replacing. CANWEA and the provincial government would have us living in the middle of an industrial plant under conditions that are not acceptable or permitted in urban or town settings and they would like us to accept this as if it were the right thing to do for the greater good . Why is this okay???


The core group of Preserve Grey Highlands is made up of 7 people. There is only so much we can do and only so many hours in a day. We must become a force to be reckoned with. I am calling you to action, if we remain passive we will fail for sure. If we unite and make a loud noise we will also get the attention of people in high places. This is about protecting our most precious  non renewable resources, our Families, our homes, our health and our communities. What legacy do you want to leave to behind? Please make a stand. Please join us in letter writing campaigns, email campaigns, telephone campaigns,  and delegations to council, let’s spread the word. Anything you can do is better than doing nothing at all




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