Ontario’s Economic Dev, Industrial Div. Competitiveness Sector


Response to letter sent to Essex County Wind Action Group.  The letter from Nicholar Wedgewood is imposing the responsibility of proper wind development onto a group of residents.  I thought the responsibility lied with the gov’t officials we hire to protect Ontario residents. 

(I assume this is Nicholas Wedgwood, Senior Advisor of Economic Development, Industrial Division, Competitiveness Sector for the Ontario government).

Mr. Wedgwood,

Don’t you see that perhaps there is a problem with the wind industry
guidelines itself if these projects are running into such opposition
wherever they go?   Why doesn’t your government look into placing the
same amount of accountability and necessity to respect communities as
you do any other industry?

Why has there not be ONE single environmental assessment for any
project in Ontario?   Why has there been absolutely NO guidelines in
place for where these industrial facilities can be located?  Vesta’s
technicians and operators are told not to go within 400 m from a
turbines unless necessary….yet this government is forcing families
with children to sleep and play as little as 250 m?

I believe the Ontario government should set aside idealogy and look at
this objectively.  For instance, here in Essex County there are a
number of wind projects in the planning stages.   The largest was
located in fairly sparsely populated area, away from shoreline
migratory routes and wetlands.   It met with little to no opposition.

Others, such as Gengrowth project, wanted to set up shop almost
adjacent to a globally significant Important Bird Area, next to
schools and approximatley 200 homes.  It was met with very stiff and
persistent opposition.

Why does your government hold no accountability or responsibility to
the poor choices the wind companies are making?


Quoting WEDGWOOD NICHOLAS <nwedgwood@yahoo.com>:

Dear Sir/Madame,

I don’t understand how Ontario will succeed in creating    non-polluting energy without some sort of approvals process which    avoids become mired in legal processes.

If every application for wind power faces “Citizens” opposition    groups, wind energy costs will skyrocket and the good of the    province will be sacrificed;  we’ll carry on burning coal and    breathing bad air.

I’m sure that organisations like yours could be of great help if    they were able to identify regions of the province where wind power   projects were welcomed.  As part of the solution, they would   create  a noble and generous contribution.


—– End forwarded message —–


2 responses to “Ontario’s Economic Dev, Industrial Div. Competitiveness Sector

  1. Mr. Wedgwood’ comments are the same unbelievably arrogant and combative as George Smitherman’s comments to the “lowly and unwashed” landowners of this Province. To expect Ontario taxpayers to tell him where these destructive monsters should go, shows how completely out of touch with the reality of Rural Ontario. I’ve got a great suggestion as to where these wind turbines can go and I bet these above two guys may actually enjoy the suggestion……………’nough said!

  2. Posted on http://mvwind.forumer.com

    Have you noticed this guy is using the same phrases as CANWEA and Smitherman?………”we’ll be breathing bad air and burning coal”…………another suggestion………….maybe quit quoting from the Wind Industry’s play book, then someone may just believe you. And we are paying these guys wages to look out for us?……….SHAME!

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