National Post article on Wind Energy

In case anyone hasn’t seen these article in the National Post Nov. 8/08.  Great stuff.  Please take a moment and email the author and give him a pat on the back.  I’ve attached my letter below.
Dear Mr. Cowan
I wanted to thank you for having the courage to print your recent article “Wind Chill” in the National Post.  As a rural person trying to deal with a wind developer “AIM Powergen” it has been difficult to get the answers needed for my council and as a landowner to make decisions that will protect our 4 most important non renewables, our families, our homes, our community and our land. 
Needless to say my lone voice has been drowned out by misleading information with regards to the creation of jobs,  the over estimated amounts of tax revenues my municipality will receive and the quagmire of pitfalls that exist in the land lease options and contractual agreements that these developers present in front of growers. 
On top of that,  because of my willingness to get this kind of information out to neighbours, family and friends,  I have been ridiculed by the developer as a NIMBY and non progressive thinker and by my local council members as a hard lined, self serving person who cannot accept a difference of opinion.  
This has caused a rift in my personal life where neighbours and family will no longer speak to me and in turn have pulled away from business arrangements my husband had with local custom work.  Money brings the worst out in people. 
Again I wanted to thank you,  however wanted to mentioned my disappointment with the pictures.  These very strong visuals are in no way dealing with the same issue.  The view of the Nuclear  plant is no where near what people will be seeing from their residents, if such a plant is built within a region,  while the picture of the turbines represents a fairly peaceful and bucolic image that one would easily choose over the other.  And as for the many reason to “like” wind power, there are many reasons to loath what it represents, i.e. only a min. of 5% Ontario’s needs in the future,  a reduction of only 1% of GHG emissions,  a need to further expand Natural gas generating plants for the required backup and all this at the expense of the Ontario taxpayers who are funding at the present time 2x the rate for wind.  
So you see Mr Cowan, this is not just  rural people who will be suffering  from wind development,  it’s all of Ontario through the misguided gov’t policies that won’ t  investigate the value of pursuing wind and in turn which allows wind to dominate over other valuable solutions such biomass and geothermal. Who knows what other viable, sustainable options  are out there on the horizon  but will potentially never know because of winds dominance over our energy policies through a well organized lobby group such as CanWEA and it’s members such as  Mike Crawley, president of AIM Powergen. 

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