Some States are saying NO

This posting indicates to me the difference between a state who’s had the experience of wind turbines invading their landscape (California) and one which has not yet had that experience. (Missouri)

From CBC News Nov 6/08

Renewable energy

Windmill farm.

In two diametrically opposed results, Missouri voters opted (66 per cent to 34 per cent) to increase the proportion of renewable energy in their state grid. Californians voted in almost equal measure (65 to 35 per cent) not to do the same.

The California proposal would have been the most aggressive clean-energy plan in the nation, requiring state utilities to generate half their electricity from windmills, solar farms and the like by 2025. It was opposed by some top environmentalists, who argued it was too ambitious, would drive up rates too quickly and seemed designed to benefit Texas entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens, whose wind-farm company is trying to become the Microsoft of the green revolution.


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