George disappointed with Democracy

Minister Smitherman

This is Minister’s Smitherman’s (Minister of Ontario Energy) reply to the South Algonquin council’s decision to put a moratorium on wind development in their area.  Seems like Curious George is upset with democracy .  My response is below.


 I just read your comments in the Barry’s Bays News expressing your disappointment with the council in South Algonquin that have requested a 10 year moratorium on wind development in their region. Your expression of disappointment has saddened and angered me since you are essentially using your position as Deputy Minister to put public pressure on a community who is simply excersing their democratic rights. Luckily for people like the group SOS (Save our skylines, Renfrew), this South Algonquin council was able to get the other side of the story with regards to wind development. A story which reveals that Ontario taxpayers through the misguided policies of your ministry, are being inflicted with stray voltage and noise pollution, flicker, blade throws, diminished property values, degraded environmental sites and who have no recourse when they approach their govt who denies them solutions or even simple protection. In fact these people are accused of making it up . You accuse these same people of wanting to find solutions for global warming but are not willing to suffer the trade offs. Is living in a microwave, as it was describe to me by a resident in Ripley suffering from stray voltage, the necessary trade-offs you refer to? Is the fact that these people are having to move away from their homes in order to stop the nose bleeds, eye strokes and migraines, the solution you are willing to impose on rural Ontario? Instead your statement leads me to believe that you are willing to treat people like expendable collateral in order to forge ahead with your dogged ambitions to provide Ontario with green solutions. And what about these so called green solutions? Where does it indicate that wind energy is the panacea to our energy problems so many are willing to embrace? Not once have I seen or found data that demonstrates wind energy delivering a green solution. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Where is the evidence that indicates wind energy is a scientifically sound solution to help global warming, is a commercially viable source of energy and is environmentally responsible. The experience in Europe has shown that not one coal generated plant has been shut down because of wind energy, in fact Germany is building another 24. Places such as Altamont Pass are killing thousands of raptors and still that development has not been taken down, only adjusted to minimize its effects. Ontario residents will be paying 2x the rate through their tax dollars for a source of energy that will provide at best 4% of this provinces needs. With water and nuclear, Ontario is already 70% emission free.

In divulging your disappointment, Minister, you are in turn assigning your support to an industry who’s mandate is to make money , no matter the consequences their pursuits may incur on people, land, communities. Simply put, you have turned you back on the people you were elected to represent and protect. It’s time to take a reality check George.




2 responses to “George disappointed with Democracy

  1. Exactly on point here!
    I’m afraid this man follows the mantra adopted by the 400 so called “stakeholders” in this industry and that is to say anything stated as “truth” by opponents of Wind Turbines is labeled “misinformation”. Sadly we don’t have a voice anymore as the people who pay these politicians to dictate their agenda on us.
    We will not quit until these people are removed from power! ……….or at the very least we will educate the masses and have them turn on these arrogant “businessmen”.

  2. Pat Cusack nee Hunte

    There seems to be no end to the ridiculous ends humans will go to support “lifestyles” that make no sense – at least to this human who is 64 years young and enjoyed a childhood like so many others that was simple and without all the stuff it is found necessary to have today.
    It never ceases to amaze me, on this Remembrance Day 2008, not only how people treat other, but what little value is placed on what is right and just.
    Take care.

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