Huron $300 M wind project axed


Your October 22 article ‘Huron’s $300M wind farm project axed’ focused on economic issues relating to the termination of the Epcor-OPA agreement.

While initially landowners and the municipality may be disappointed with the ‘cash boost’ they feel they have missed, hopefully they realize this cash boost is an elusive pot of gold and minimal relative to the destruction it would bring to their area. Reduction in property values and resultant loss in taxation revenues need to be considered when these projects are established in the backyards of rural Ontarians.


The claim of powering 50,000 homes is a creative statistic the wind energy organizations wave in our faces, but one which requires further investigation by your reporters and readers. A visit to the IESO website and a review of the minor hourly output for each wind energy project is very educational and revealing with respect to wind energy’s lack of predictability and reliability. Research will also allow readers to find that wind energy has not contributed in any significant manner to the reduction of coal generated energy anywhere in the world, despite thousands of wind turbines in operation.


Perhaps the headline should read ‘Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Residents Spared from Wind Development’, as they can be spared the health effects that cause residents to move from their homes or suffer while forced to live in their devalued properties. This is occurring in communities around the world and right here in Ontario, due to stray voltage and vibroacoustic effects.


Another possible headline is ‘Ontario Taxpayers Spared from another Wind Development’. We don’t need to feel too sorry for ‘Epcor’ and their claimed $20 million loss. Ontario taxpayers are pouring millions of dollars into subsidies for wind energy developments while the corporations laugh all the way to the bank.


When our children and grandchildren are left to tidy up the tons of concrete and metal debris from the ‘wind turbine experiment’ in a few decades and the rural environment and ecosystems of Ontario have been forever damaged, they will wish the billions of dollars had been spent on meaningful energy solutions such as those currently in progress in laboratories and corporations around the world.


One response to “Huron $300 M wind project axed

  1. Well written and right on the mark! Seems like the message is getting out to the people of Ontario. The words “educational” and “revealing” are the key words here. Education is the Wind Weasels worse nightmare. They use speed and money and lack of knowledge to thrust their agendas through unknowing townships and I believe that most councils that approve these massive destructive projects are literally dazzled and overwhelmed by the “sales pitches” of the “slick snake oil salesmen”.

    Education is our main focus and should be ramped up to the point that nobody in Ontario let alone Canada can say “oh I didn’t realize how bad this whole thing was”

    Good for you Ruralgrubby!

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