Local Politicians need an IQ test

AM800 CKLW Windsor,  Friday Oct. 17/08Lakeshore Council has approved the installation of 10 wind turbines in the south eastern part of the municipality.

Construction is expected to start next summer and be complete

by the end of the year. Mayor Tom Bain says any environmental concerns

have been overcome, allowing for what he calls a ‘win-win’ situation. It means

more tax revenue for the municipality and a cheaper source of energy for everyone. 


Mayor Bain, 

Where do you get the idea that wind is a cheap source of energy????  

 Haven’t you heard yours and my  tax dollars are subsidizing 

wind developers  more than  2x the amount we now pay for

electricity for 20 YEARS. cost indexed each year.  Because  wind

is artificially subsidized, WAY more than any conventional

power source it is not a cheap source of electricity.  

 A 2008 report by the US Energy Information Administration

concluded that wind energy is subsidized to the tune of

 $23 per megawatt-hour. By contrast, normal coal

receives 44¢ per megawatt-hour, natural gas 25¢, hydroelectric 67¢,

and nuclear power $1.59. 

These prices are similar in Canada. 

[Since these other sources meet other criteria such as reliable,

abundant and dis-patchable power,  there is some basis for subsidizing them!]

 Ontario has just announced  electricity  rates are

increasing (up to 5.6cents/kwh or 6.5(depending on amount of usage). 

The Ontario Energy Board said the increase was due to

 new natural gas installations, and conservation

and renewable energy projects.”

Where do you get the idea that your municipality will be getting

more tax revenues especially when property values will decrease

near those sites you have allowed wind turbines?    If you’ve read

any of the the documents the wind developers uses to

support that  property values are protected,  you will notice

that the data base doesn’t even distinguish whether those

 properties sold are  near the turbines,  in fact most studies

  use a 5 mile radius. There is not even an indication that these

 homes could see a turbine.    When I asked for property value

protection for myself and my neighbours from the developer

in my area,  they told me that they don’t ask for a kick-back

 when my property values go up.    Isn’t their interest the wind?? 

so why would they be interested in my property values.   

You are being completely mislead and I hope you are prepared

to deal with the aftermath you have created in your desperate

attempt to create revenues for your municipality. 

Signed a Landowner who will be facing 30 turbines

because of lack of support by her local politicians

like those found in Lakeshore.








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