Reality Check for Wind Energy

This letter was sent to several papers by a concerned citizen in the Woodstock, Ontario area. 

With wind energy projects either proposed or already erected in numerous Ontario municipalities it’s time for us all, particularly our politicians and public agencies, to have a reality check on wind energy and its effects. 
The report on the CTV National News Sunday night (also available on-line at
should be a wake-up call that it is time to acknowledge the problems with wind turbines in close proximity to our residences.  When health and quality of life are affected so severely that people are forced from their homes, why are we continuing to allow development all across our country?  The reports on CTV are only the tip of the iceberg.  How many more residents have been affected but are unable to speak publicly due to their non-disclosure agreements with the wind developers or ongoing legal proceedings?
Ask your politicians about the number of fossil-fuel plants that have actually been shut down in Europe despite thousands of turbines.  Ask your politicians how much CO2 has actually been reduced worldwide as a result of wind turbines (not THEORETICAL if they ever operated at capacity, but ACTUAL).  Ask your politicians if they have ever checked the IESO website (  to understand just how unreliable wind energy is, and how little energy is actually generated by the turbines currently on the grid.  The output is often 0-5% of their reported capacity.  Countries who are leaders in the manufacturing of wind turbines export their product and rely more heavily on fossil fuels than we do here in Canada.  Shouldn’t we ask why?   It’s time for a reality check before our health, quality of life and environment are sacrificed for misguided political interests.


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