Wind developers are NOT required to…

Just thought I’d share a recent e-mail I received from AIM after I requested for ALL of the information from their website in order to review their Env. Screening Report.  The haughtiness is almost palpable.  Please note that when I first heard of their notice of completion NoC, the information was not available on their website.  I had to request it.  Life gets busy,  and a couple of weeks later I check again and still all of the information is not available.  The reply below is in response to my request for an extension in the review period which is only 30 days.  Most stakeholders don’t even look at this information or even know about it.  Not that I blame anybody for not wanting to read a 200 page document that tells you nothing.  OOPS!  I did find out this though for the Erieau project:  

The proposed turbine locations are 3 km or more from the Chatham airfield, 365 m or more from the Lake Erie shoreline and 405 m or more from the Rondeau Bay shoreline. 

Essex county recommends 1 km off shorelines in their proposed policies, and  some waterfowl biologists recommend at least 2 km from any lakefront wetland. 

Here is my e-mail from AIM:

We will not be extending the period the information was available but the link was broken.  As stated in the NoC two physical copies were available at the following locations:  City Hall of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Storey Samways Planning for the general public to access.  Note:  I don’t live near these locations.


Please note from the page 33 of the “Guide to Environmental Assessment Requirements for Electricity Projects”This is an MOE document

 B.2.4 Notice of Completion of Screening Report and Public Review

The Screening Report must be made available for public and agency review for a period of at

least 30 calendar days in a convenient location(s) in the project area, such as a public library,

municipal office or community centre. In addition, the proponent should consider making the

report available on the Internet. The proponent must prepare a public “Notice of Completion of a

Screening Report” and publish it in a local newspaper(s) with circulation in the vicinity of the

project. Where no such newspaper exists, the proponent shall be responsible for determining the

equivalent local means of providing adequate notice to the general public.


Please not the highlighted section that the proponent should consider but in not required to make the report available on the internet.  I would also like to point out that once received notice that the link was broken we quickly had it restored. 


Thank you for your question.


2 responses to “Wind developers are NOT required to…

  1. Thanks for highlighting this problem. Again this underscores the lack of accountability these wind companies are working under. The feeding frenzy for our taxpayers dollars is totally out of control. Our Councils aren’t representing our interests, our Provincial Government is “in bed” with these corporations and we as taxpayers have absolutely no protection left from undesirables. The present “collapse” of the U.S. Economy highlights what’s in store for large “Greed Merchants” when there is no accountability in money matters. When this industry “hits the skids” the only losers will be you and me. Oh yeah……..and our Environment!

  2. essexcountywind

    This email clearly shows a lack regard for the local residents and he uses the Ontario governments failure in policy to hide behind.

    At a meeting I attended, this same gentleman, when asked if he even knew how far away the IBA (important bird area) was from the project….he replied “Far enough!” When pushed further he retorted “The government ALLOWS us to DO THIS!!”

    Well isn’t that a nice rationalizaton. Does this demonstrate any concern for wildlife habitat? Does this demonstrate concern to the families affected by this?

    This company’s idea of community PR is to all don cute matching blue T-shirts and avoid anyone who asks any pertinent questions.

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