France in an uproar

Have a look at this website to see the blight of wind turbines on the beautiful rural landscape of France.

There are pictures of turbines with concrete masts at 183 m high.  The traditional ones in Ontario will be 120 m.  The funny things here is how wind developers like to claim that the scrap metal  would be worth a great deal of money for anybody hosting a turbine if the company ever went bankrupt.   Ya! right try to get it down and see how much that will cost you!  In Europe the estimates for dismantling are approx. $1.5 million dollars and  the production of concrete contributes the following:


A polar bear dies…

Foundation: Each wind turbine foundation consists of a concrete octagonal footing 47 ft. in diameter and 7 ft. deep.
Footprint: 47 ft. in diameter, spaced 1 – 2,000 feet apart.
Concrete: 294 cubic yards – 439 tons per foundation.




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