Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I promised in an earlier posting that I would provide some of the  responses I’ve received from AIM with regards to my enquiries and concerns about their Wind project in my area. 

AIM in its response to my questions with regards to their Environmental Screening Report, included the following: 

My comment:  AIM stipulates that they will provide electricity 65% to 75% of the time.  Most literature sites wind as providing electricity  at 25 % to 33%  of their capacity.  

This is AIM’s response:  “Wind farms operate the equivalent of 25 to 33% ot the time at their nominal capacity (which is called the capacity factor), but wind farms are in operation – providing electricity at equal or less than their nominal capacity approximately 65-75% of the time” 

So if I’m interpreting this correctly,  wind is providing on average 25 to 33% of their capacity only 65% to 75% of the time.   Seems to me every other generating facility is available 100% of the time at 100% of their capacity except for those times they are under maintenance.   I just received a note from a contact in Port Burwell.  He tells me that most days there are at least 7 – 8 pickup trucks constantly going back and forth from transformer station to 65  wind turbines.  Apparently 33 of those GE turbines have also received new gearing mechanisms only after 3 years of full operation.  That kind of runs contrary to AIM’s statement in their ESR document which states “that wind generation projects require very little maintenance relative to fossil fuel plants.”  When I requested what kind of data AIM used to substantiate this claim I was responsed with “AIM is not required to supply this information under the provincial ESR requirements”  

Note also that wind developers like to over estimate the number of houses for which they can provide electricity. 

AIM indicated that  their Harrow Wind project would generate enough electricity for to supply 10,000 household.  I challenged that statement and this is AIM’s response:  “The estimation is correct and takes into account the fact that wind turbines do not produce energy  100% of the time, but rather the equivalent of approximately 30% of the time at maximum capacity (this percentage notion is called the Capacity Factor). 

So now we are down to 30% availability.  If you use an estimate of  650 home per MW,(I’ve seen this range from 500 to 800 homes per MW)   a 40 MW project would provide only 7800 homes. 

With these kind of answers,  it’s pretty clear to me that AIM is carrying their bell in their beak. 







2 responses to “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    There is absolutely no accountability for false statements made by these wind generation companies. It’s pretty clear that no matter how much of the statements made by these “greed merchants” are overestimates or downright lies, there is no Government agency in Ontario today that will oversee the rights or wrongs of what is happening to our rural landscapes.

    This is even more clear since the Wall street “meltdown” yesterday. When large amounts of money are involved apparently there is no law and order and absolutely no regulation when the bottom line is involved.

    No matter how hard we try as citizens to hold these firms accountable we will never have any support from politicians from any level of Government to protect our land, our home or our health when it comes to them making a buck off a slick sales pitch by unscrupulous entrepreneurs.

    We are living in the “decade of greed” and these companies will eventually fade away but not before the real damage is done.

    A very SAD commentary but true!

  2. essexcountywind

    “Wind is providing on average 25 to 33% of their capacity only 65% to 75% of the time”

    Hahaha No wonder nobody really understands this issue…it makes your head explode with all the doublespeak, misleading statements and complete bullshit.

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