Filling a Complaint with MOE

 Just wanted to extend to those who are suffering from stray voltage or noise issues (especially those in the Ripley, Goderich and Kincardine areas in Ontario)  that there may be hope for all of you if we all stand together.  A local resident forwarded me this information.  ” I contacted our local MOE office this morning in Owen Sound asking how one files a formal complaint.  The Environmental Officer told me that residents merely call their office (1-800-265-3783 covers Ripley, Kincardine) and give the details of their complaint.  An “Incident Report” is created and filed on their database which is accessible by MOE head office in Toronto.  This action gets in on formal record and is investigated from there. 

If a resident needs to contact the MOE outside of office hours anywhere in Ontario they should call the Spills Action #1-800-268-6060.  The operator will record the details creating an Incident Report which is forwarded to the local office for follow-up.  Both methods are put on the formal record.”

I have just gotten a note from a resident in St. Joseph Manitoba,  who is willing to pursue the tactic of monetary compensation.  My advise is to not go ahead with this strategy.  I tried this during  my municipalities residents meeting, thinking that if wind developers see that more money would have to be dispensed for their wind projects to all area residents, than it would render the project financially unfeasible.  Well guess what,  it came back to bite me in a very strategic spot.  I was then accused that my concerns for health and safety could not be that serious,  if money could shut me up.  On top of that if you investigate sample contracts for neighbour agreements,  these include gag clauses.  Have a look at or Wind alert IWA for documents. 

So you see,  despite our feelings that no one is listening or no one is taking our concerns seriously,  it really boils down to how persistent we are.  It’s just too easy to discount a few who are being labelled as nimby’s or worse mentally unstable. Besides how is money going to change things for the residents of Ripley  who are suffering from stray voltage? I believe the whole issue is the fact that turbines are a big waste of taxpayers dollars.  Is it right to let these vultures come in and rule your life? and basically tell you where and how you should live?  Is that the kind of country you want to live in?  If so,  count me out  before any of this goes any further. 

 Please,  I beg of you contact your local MOE offices,  MPP’s,  and town councillors,  and continue to do so until we can get answers. 






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